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Fabian Raemy Main Contributor

Weed, pot, kush, Mary Jane, whatever you want to call it, it really doesn’t matter to me, because I love it all.

My passion for the sticky icky started nearly a decade ago, and it all began when I first laid my eyes on the beauty that is the marijuana plant, followed shortly after the perfectly rolled joint!

I instantly fell in love with the world of cannabis, both the cultivation aspect and the consumption side of things too.

In my opinion, there’s just nothing more rewarding than growing a great strain of Indica and then being able to take a few puffs of my own home grown product. Yeah, I do like sativa and hybrid strains as well, but for me, Indica is where it’s at.

Either way, while some folks might view spending several months on growing weed plants to be hard work, I look at it as a whole lot of fun. Not only is it a great hobby to have, but you get to learn something too, not to mention that there’s nothing better than being able to smoke my very own bud, the stuff I put heart and soul into.

Doing it myself makes it taste and smoke just that much better. My name is Fabian Raemy, I love marijuana, and I approve this message!

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