Best Names For Bongs: Ultimate List

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Bongs are a whole lot of fun to smoke out of, but they can be more than that. They can be conversation pieces too, and moreover, some people really like to name their bongs. That said, finding a good name for your bong is easier said than done.

Today, we want to provide you with the best names for bongs out there, and we do have plenty of examples for you to get some inspiration from.

best names for bongs

Hippie Bong Names

hippie bong names

If you want your bong to have a name inspired by the 1970s and hippie culture, check out the examples we have listed below.

    • Kief Jarret
    • Horton
    • Smokelore
    • Lil Boy Green
    • Indiana Stoned
    • Polar Bong
    • Ganja Outlaw
    • Seth Token
    • Manny Pacabowl
    • Sir Hits A lot
    • Garth Bongs
  • Jay and Silent Bong
  • Budz Lightyear
  • Ganja Gatsby
  • Huff & Puff
  • The Bong
  • Frankenbong
  • Jack the ripper
  • The Blue Piece
  • Puff Dragon
  • Puff Daddy
  • Trey Bongz
  • Cheech & Bong
  • Flying High
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Half Baked

Girl Bong Names

girl bong names

Here we have some great female inspired names in case you want to give your bong a girl inspired name.

  • Taylor Hits
  • Hermoine Ganja
  • The Sword and the Stoned
  • Kim KarHasion
  • Katniss Evergreen
  • Charlize Terbong
  • Hannah Bongtana
  • Michelle Obonga
  • Jennifer Bongiston
  • The Queen of Bongstown
  • The Bong Girls

Pretty Names For Bongs

If you’d rather have a pretty name for your bong, check out the examples as listed below.

  • The Peace
  • David Bongie
  • Bong Burgundy
  • The Urn of Pleasure
  • The Vase
  • Green Peace
  • The Lovely Toke
  • Eternal Bliss
  • Serenity

Funny Names For Bongs

funny bong names

Here we have a variety of funny names for your bong, ones mostly inspired by television and movies.

  • Bonzuka
  • Ripper Van Winkle
  • Bong Direction
  • Bong Norris
  • Dr. Dankenstein
  • The Captain
  • Bubble Boy
  • Thomas the Dank Engine
  • Hooter McGaving
  • Action Bongson
  • Dr. Phil McBong
  • Jon Bong Jovi
  • Samwise Ganja
  • Bong Solo
  • Quincy Stones
  • Kabong
  • Stoney the Tiger
  • Bat Bong
  • LeBong James
  • Lil Boy Green
  • Bong Burgundy
  • Bongy Mcbongface
  • Back to the Couch
  • Harry Potter and the Bong of Smoke
  • Lord of the Bongs

Stoner Names For Bongs

If you want to stick with some true stoner names for your bong, the ones listed below might be a good way to go.

  • Smoke Tales
  • Bongye West
  • Reefersaurus
  • Bong-O
  • The Purple Peace
  • The Rolling Stoned
  • Highlander
  • Dank Robber
  • Bongy McBongface
  • Sherlock Stones
  • Donkey Bong
  • Stoned Sober
  • Sir Bong Rippington
  • The Blue Piece
  • Ozzy OzzBong
  • Dizzy Gillasspiece
  • Bongbastic
  • George W. Bong
  • Shaman
  • Willy Bongka
  • Bongo Mars
  • Tim Tebowl
  • It’s the Same Old Bong
  • Bongcraft
  • Bongdi Beach
  • Macaulay Chokin

Badass Names For Bongs

Here we have just some really badass bong names for you to choose from.

  • Haze to the Face
  • Billa
  • The Brass Monkey
  • Long Bong Silver
  • Marty McFlying
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Bong Travolta
  • The Bonginator
  • Don Vito Corlestoned
  • Scatman Bong
  • Wesley Pipes
  • Dank Sinatra
  • Bat Bong
  • The Grim Reefer
  • Bong Saget
  • Denzel Washingbong
  • Michael Pott
  • Sylvester Stillstoned
  • Reefer Sutherland
  • Niel Armbong
  • Budzweiser
  • James Danko
  • Jim Harbong
  • Darth Baker
  • Kyrtree Irving
  • Bong Banner
  • Barack Obonga aka The Commander In Kief
  • Kim Bong-Un
  • Billy Bong Thorton

Should I Use A Bong Name Generator?

If you are having trouble coming up with a bong name on your own, and our list hasn’t given you any answers, then you can always try using a bong name generator.

Here you just have to click on a button, and you will be provided with dozens or even hundreds of potential bong names. They are easy and totally free to use.



There you have it folks, a variety of the best bong names for you to choose from, and a good tip on how to come up with even more of them. Remember, a bong is a long term investment that you will have around for quite some time, so giving it a good name is never a bad idea.


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