Best Scissors For Trimming Weed

10 Best Scissors For Trimming Weed & Bud Manicuring

So, you have spent months and many dollars growing your pot, taking care of the plants, and ensuring that you have a maximum yield of really potent bud. However, now you need to harvest your cannabis plants.

A large part of this process is cutting down the stalks, cutting off the branches, cutting off buds, and manicuring them, so they are ready to be dried. Some people choose to trim and manicure the buds after drying them, but none the less, a good pair of scissors for trimming weed is what you need.

So, what are the best scissors for trimming weed out there right now? Yeah, there are hundreds of trimming scissors and pruning shears out there, but which pair is right for you, and what’s the difference between the types of shears and trimming scissors out there? Here is everything you need to know.

5 Essentials Of Good Weed Trimming Scissors

essential of good trimming scissors

Now, before you go out and buy just any pair of pruning shears or trimming scissors for weed, there are some factors you want to look out for. Don’t go out and purchase the first pair of trimming scissors you see just because it will save time.

Here are some main consideration to keep in mind when hunting for a good pair of weed trimming scissors or pruning shears.

1. Blade Length & Width

The first thing that you want to look out for before making a purchase here is how long and wide the blades in question are.

This is something you will learn later on here today, but the bottom line is that thick and short blades are ideal for cutting down the marijuana stalk and for cutting larger branches off the stalk.

However, longer and thinner blades are ideal for removing smaller branches from the larger branches, as well as for the more precise bud manicuring that also needs to be done.

2. Blade Material

Generally speaking, when it comes to blade material, you definitely want to go for either stainless steel or carbon steel blades.

Stainless steel is probably the even better option when compared to carbon steel. The point here is that you need blades that are very sharp and can retain their cutting edge for a long time, are durable, and are corrosion resistant too.

Remember folks, you want your trimming scissors to last for a long time, and you don’t want to have to sharpen them too often either.

3. Spring & Lock

Something else to look for in a good pair of trimming scissors or shears is that they have a spring function as well as a locking mechanism too.

For one, you want the trimming scissors in question to be able to lock shut, so they stay closed while not in use, which is important both for safety and portability.

You also want the scissors or shears to have a spring so they open up on their own after every cut you make. These are both features that will help make life a bit easier when it comes to trimming your pot.

4. The Handle & Comfort

You do also want the shears or scissors in question to have a comfortable handle. What is always nice is when you get a good rubber or soft plastic handle that is easy to hold, comfortable to grip, and does not get too slippery either.

A good ergonomic handle design is definitely quite important here. Remember, trimming and manicuring is a long job that can take the better part of a whole day, so comfort is essential.

5. Anti-Stick Coating

Admittedly, not too many trimming scissors come with non-stick coatings, but if you can find a pair that has Teflon coated blades, or something similar, you are in luck.

A coating like this well help prevent resin and crystals from sticking to the blades too much, and therefore it means that you can trim for longer periods of time without having the scissors gunk up and require cleaning.

10 Best Scissors For Trimming Weed: Our Picks

trimming scissors

Here we have what we think are the best scissors for trimming and also bud manicuring. We have included some trimming scissors for weed, as well as some pruning shears for marijuana as well.

Let’s get right to it and check out the best options on the market at this point in time.

1. Happy Hydro 60mm Trimming Scissors

Here we have a very nice pair of trimming scissors for you to look at. This is a very simple pair, one which features a comfortable and ergonomically designed handle and grip.

It’s designed so you can be comfortable using them for a prolonged period of time. They are ideal for people who need a really comfortable handle and for people with limited manual strength.

Moreover, the Happy Hydro  Trimming Scissors feature special Teflon blades which are very durable, and even more important, they are non-stick.

This is pretty crucial because it helps prevent buds, leaves, and crystals from sticking to the blades, this reducing the time you have to spend cleaning the scissors.

Besides that, these things are indeed very sharp and they do hold their edge for quite some time. The blades here are 60 mm long, they are thin, and they are straight, which makes it much easier to get to those hard to reach branches, buds, and leaves which other blades may not be able to reach so easily.

Keep in mind that these trimming scissors are also corrosion resistant.

2. VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner

Here we have a nice pair of marijuana pruning shears for you to look at, the VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner. What is nice about these pruning shears is that they come with a locking system, so they don’t open up when you don’t want them to.

The locking system is easy to open, so you can open them at a moment’s notice. Even better is that these things also come with a spring loaded handle design, so every time you make a cut, they open back up by themselves, therefore making life a bit easier for you and reducing the amount of energy you have to expend when pruning and trimming your pot.

This pruner comes with a really comfortable handle. Now, the handle here is made to be quite comfortable. They come with a pretty good texture to ensure that they are not too slippery, plus they feature an ergonomic design which should make them pretty comfortable to hold.

The blades here are 2 inches long and made to get to hard to reach spots, so you can remove whatever leaves and other parts of the buds that need to be trimmed away.

The blades here are also fairly sharp, but they do have a lot of power behind them as well. They are ideal both for cutting down large marijuana stalks and cutting down branches, as well as for some of the smaller trimming and manicuring jobs too.

3. Fiskars 6″ Micro-Tip Pruner

Fiskars is well known for making great scissors, but they are usually associated with arts and crafts. You might not have known that this trusted brand name also makes pruning and gardening scissors such as this Micro-Tip Pruner.

Something that stands out about these pruning scissors is that they also have a spring loaded handle, which means that they open up on their own immediately after you make a cut. This helps save time and energy.

Yes, this pruner also comes with a locking function, so they are also quite safe and user friendly, because when they are locked, they will not open up on their own. It makes it safer to carry them in your pockets, plus a whole lot easier too.

The fully hardened and precision ground stainless steel blades which the Fiskars Pruner features, are extremely sharp, the cutting edges stay sharp for a long time, and you can cut down pretty much any cannabis stalk, branch, and do a variety of pruning jobs thanks to these great blades.

The fact that they are made out of stainless steel also means that they are highly resistant to corrosion.

Keep in mind that the blades here also feature a non-stick coating to help ensure that crystals and buds do not stick to them, thus reducing cleanup time.

4. Greenthumbpro Hydroponic Micro Tip Pruning Shears

Here we have a 2 pack of pruning shears, which is nice because you can use the larger 60 mm blades for cutting down stalks and cutting off branches, as well as for getting to tight spots, and the smaller 40 mm blades are great for the smaller bud pruning and manicuring jobs.

In other words, here you get pretty much all of the tools you need to harvest your marijuana plants. We do really like that the blades on these Pruning Shears are made of stainless steel, because this helps make them highly durable and long lasting, plus corrosion resistant too.

They are more than sharp enough to handle any weed pruning or trimming needs, plus they actually stay sharp for quite some time. The only problem we can see here is that really sticky buds and crystals may stick to them as they do not have a non-stick coating.

However, what is nice about these Pruning Shears is that they feature fairly comfortable handles. The handles have a fairly soft coating, which helps to provide you with a comfortable handle as well as good grip too.

The ergonomic design of these handles is ideal for people who don’t have the most manual dexterity or strength, and need a comfortable handle to hold onto.

5. Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruner

Ok, so up until now, all of the options we have looked at so far have been straight blade trimming scissors and pruning shears, which are both fine for cutting down weed stalks, dealing with branches, and yes, they can be used for the finer manuring tasks too.

However, what is way more ideal for finer bud trimming and small manicuring details is a pair of trimming scissors with a curved blade. This is what the Hydrofarm Curved Blade Pruner is, a curved blade pruning shear designed to finer manicuring duties.

The curved design of the blade allows you to really get up close and personal with the buds. It allows you to have precise control so you can cut away those little leaves, stems, and other imperfections with great accuracy.

No, you cannot cut down whole stalks with them, and you might not even be able to remove large branches from the marijuana stalks with them, but they are excellent for finely tuned and precise manicuring jobs.

The blades here are stainless steel blades, so they are very sharp indeed, and don’t require sharpening too often either, not to mention that they are corrosion resistant as well.

These things are designed to be very lightweight and ergonomic, which is exemplified by the very comfortable handle featured here, a comfortable and durable handle that also provides good grip for precise jobs.

Let’s not forget that the Hydrofarm Curved Blade Pruner also features a locking mechanism so it does not open up while not in use, plus a spring loaded handle which opens up on its own every time you make a cut.

6. TABOR TOOLS K7A Straight Pruning Shears

Something that does really stand out about the  K7A Straight Pruning Shears is that they feature carbon steel blades. Now, these are very durable, super sharp, and very long lasting.

When it comes down to it, these are sharp like a scalpel and they do a darn good job at trimming buds and manicuring them.

Now, the blades are a bit too thin to cut down whole, large, and woody marijuana stalks, but they do just fine with the smaller branches and for precision manicuring too.

The blades are quite long and thin, which means that you can easily get to hard to reach spots with them, which is quite important when you have large and bushy pot plants.

The carbon steel used for the blades is also corrosion resistant, plus they are easy to clean as well. Resin and crystals may stick to the blades, but at least they are fairly easy to clean.

What we also like about the K7A Straight Pruning Shears is that they feature an open-close strap, or in other words, a little strap that goes around the handle so they stay shut when not in use, which makes them a lot safer and easier to transport than some other alternatives.

The spring in the handle is also a nice addition because it causes the shears to open on their own. You may also like how these Pruning Shears feature a fairly comfortable handle, although nothing super special.

7. FLORA GUARD 6.5 Inch Micro-Tip Trimming Scissors

Here we have another good pair of micro tip trimming scissors for all of your weed trimming and manicuring needs. Now, what is nice about these scissors is that they do have a fairly thin tip at the front, which is useful because it allows you to get into tight spaces with them for precision pruning, trimming, and manicuring.

However, the base of the blades is fairly wide and also comes with a bit of a serrated edge, which also makes these things ideal for cutting down marijuana stalks and cutting larger branches off the stalks.

The FLORA GUARD Trimming Scissors feature stainless steel blades which are highly corrosion resistant, plus also very durable, not to mention that they are sharp as a scalpel too, although they do not have a non-stick coating, so they will probably need to be cleaned fairly often during weed trimming.

These Trimming Scissors come with a locking handle design, so they stay shut when not in use, which helps make them more portable and a whole lot safer too.

The spring loaded handle design is very convenient as well, because they open up all on their own, thus saving you time and energy.

These things do have an ergonomically designed handle which has good grip for easy holding, plus they can be used by right and left handed people alike.

8. Oara SK-5 Steel Hand Pruners

Ok, so the Oara SK-5 Steel Hand Pruners are not designed for fine tuned manicuring and detail jobs. They do not have a long and thin blade, so getting to tight spots for precision manicuring is definitely not a strength here.

However, they do feature a short, curved, and wide blade that can produce a whole lot of power and torque. In other words, the Oara SK-5 Steel Hand Pruners are designed for cutting down large stalks and stems, and for removing large branches from the stalks, something which your average long and thin bladed trimming scissors usually cannot manage.

These pruning shears are made out of high quality SK-5 steel, which is about as durable as this kind of thing can be. They are not going to chip, rust, or crack, plus they are incredibly sharp, and they keep their sharp cutting edge for an impressively long time.

The Oara SK-5 Steel Hand Pruners feature an easy to use locking mechanism, so they do stay shut when not in use, which helps to increase safety and portability.

The handle here also features a spring, so they open up on their own after every cut, something else which helps make like a bit easier. Finally, the handle on this pruner is designed with comfort, grip, and ergonomics in mind.

It might just be the most comfortable scissor handle on our list today. We do have to say that the Oara SK-5 Steel Hand Pruners look awesome. They have a really neat and eye catching design.

9. Gardenite Ultra Snip 6.7 Inch Pruning Shear

If you need something that has really thin blades, something that is ideal for finely tuned and precision trimming and weed manicuring jobs, this Gardenite Pruning Shear is probably a great option for you.

Now, the blades on this thing are not that long, but they are thin and very sharp, which makes them ideal for cutting smaller branches off the marijuana stalk, and it makes them ideal for smaller trimming and manicuring needs too.

The super grade stainless steel used to make the blades is very strong and durable, and is certainly highly corrosion resistant too. The cutting edge on this Pruning Shear is very sharp and they retain their edge for a very long time too,

What we also like about this Gardenite option is that it has a long 6.7 inch handle, which helps provide you with a lot of torque and leverage for tougher cutting jobs, plus they are just comfortable to hold as well.

The feature a fairly soft and ergonomic design which makes them easy to hold and use for a prolonged period of time.

The carbon steel spring included here helps ensure that they open up on their own every single time, and the nice little locking mechanism helps ensure that they stay shut when you don’t need them to be open.

10. Bypass Pruning Shears Kit

As you have probably figured out by now, long and thin trimming scissors are best for precision trimming and manicuring, whereas shorter and wider pruning shears are best for cutting down stalks and removing large branches from the stems.

This is why the final option here on our list today is this Bypass Pruning Shears Kit, which includes both of the items we just discussed.

First off, with the Bypass Pruning Shears Kit, you get a nice trimming clipper, one that has fairly long and thin blades. These are ideal for finer precision pruning and manicuring jobs.

They are stainless steel blades, so there should be no issues in terms of sharpness or durability. The long blades allow you to get into tight spaces with ease.

These things feature a locking mechanism, so they stay shut when they need to be, and they also include a spring loaded handle to open up on their own. The handle on these things is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind.

The other item you get here is a pair of pruning sheers, ones with short, curved, and thick blades. This item is ideal for cutting down large pot stalks and for cutting branches off the stalk.

Now, it does not have a spring loaded handle, which is not a huge deal, but it does come with a locking mechanism for safety.

Just like with the trimming scissors, the pruning shears here feature an ergonomic handle design with stainless steel blades.

Types Of Weed Trimming Scissors & Pruning Shears

types of trimming scissors

As you might have noticed from our reviews above, we have made a specific distinction between trimming scissors and pruning sheers, which is important for you to know.

Let’s talk about the difference between finer trimming scissors and bigger pruning shears right now.

Pruning Shears

Ok, so pruning sheers are the scissors you see that have fairly short, thick, and often somewhat curved blades.

As you might notice, the blades on pruning shears are not long and thin, which means that they are not ideal for finer trimming and manicuring jobs, such as separating larger buds, cutting away small stems, and getting rid of small leaves. They are just too chunky for this.

The main purpose of pruning sheers, due to their thick blades, is actually to cut down the whole weed stalk, as well as to remove larger branches from the stalk.

A pair of pruning shears is what you would use to cut down the whole plant so you can hang it up by the stalk or by individual branches for drying.

Keep in mind that some people prefer to trim and manicure buds before drying them, while others choose to do this in reverse.

Trimming Scissors

So, the other option or tool here is the trimming scissors. As you might notice, these have really long and thin blades.

This means that they really do not have enough power to cut down whole cannabis stalks, and most won’t even have enough power to cut large branches off the stalks, but this is not their main purpose.

The main purpose of long and thin bladed trimming scissors is to perform the more precise trimming and manicuring jobs, such as separating buds, cutting small branches off the larger branches, and cutting useless little leaves off of the buds.

Just for a little analogy, the pruning shears are to a bone saw as trimming scissors are to a scalpel. One is for the big and rough jobs whereas the other is for the smaller precision jobs.

Do keep in mind that you can get trimming scissors with straight blades, which are best for separating branches and cutting stems, and there are also ones with curved blades, which are ultimately best for precision marijuana bud manicuring.

The curvature of the blade really allows you to get up close and personal with your buds.

Wet Trimming vs Dry Trimming

As we discussed above, some people choose to trim their weed buds after they have already been dried, whereas others choose to do this before the drying process.

Now, we don’t want to get too deep into it here, as we do have a purely informational article solely about harvesting, trimming, and drying your pot, but what does need to be said here is that wet trimming is a bit easier for beginners, and definitely less messy, but it is also a sticky job. Wet leaves and stems are going to cause those trimming scissors to get real sticky.

On the other hand, trimming your pot buds when they are already dry, also known as dry trimming, is a bit more difficult in terms of manicuring, as the leaves have curled up and are really close to the buds now, but on the flipside of the equation, doing it this way is way less sticky and won’t gunk up your shears or scissors nearly as much.

The Importance Of Trimming Weed

importance of trimming weed

Trimming and manicuring your weed is quite important indeed. Now, there is no doubt about the fact that it has more or less everything to do with appearance. Some people are going to claim that properly trimming and manicuring your weed buds will make it more potent, but this is totally bogus.

Drying and more importantly, curing your weed is what is going to increase the overall potency.
What is true is that trimming your weed removes sugar leaves which are not very potent and do not contain much THC.

However, removing less potent parts of the cannabis plants from the buds, such as stems and sugar leaves, but this does not make the bud more potent, it just removes less potent parts of it.

Yeah, the sugar leaves don’t taste the best when smoked, but they are not all that harsh or bad tasting in the grand scheme of things.

The real reason why trimming and manicuring is done is for the look of it. Simply put, weed buds look better when they are all one solid bud, instead of having all of these crumbling leaves hanging off of them.

It’s all about the way they look, and at the end of the day, it’s all about attracting the eye of the consumer to a neat looking bud of marijuana that people want to purchase.

How To Know When Weed Is Ready For Harvest & Trimming

We do not want to get too deep into this here, as we do have another article which is all about harvesting your weed, and it contains a big section on how to know when your weed is ready to harvest (you can check out our step by step guide here).

Just to scrape the surface, there are two methods of identifying when your weed is ready to be harvested and trimmed.

The first method has to do with identifying the length and color of the pistils on the weed plants and buds, and the second method has to do with identifying and analyzing the maturity of the trichomes which contain the THC.

Neither method is 100% foolproof, but when used together, they work exceedingly well at identifying the right time to harvest and trim your cannabis plants.

Trimming & Manicuring Your Weed – A Quick Guide

Let’s just quickly go over the most basic steps you have to take in order to properly trip and manicure your marijuana buds to get the best possible end result (we have covered a detailed guide here too).

Do keep in mind that this is the wet trimming method, as we do find this way to be a bit easier, but you may need to pause every now and again in order to clean sticky trimming scissors of resin and crystals.

  1. Get your trimming scissors, powder-free gloves, some tarps, buckets, and containers ready for the trimming and harvesting process. Just get your space ready.
  2. Start cutting branches off the stalk. Start with a big branch and use the trimming scissors to remove it from the main cannabis plant stalk. You will probably need a good pair of pruning shears for this.
  3. Use your hands to remove the large fan leaves from the buds and the branch. The fan leaves are useless and if you like, can be saved to make bubble hash or something similar.
  4. Use your precise trimming scissors to remove all sugar leaves you can get your hands on. They are usually short and cannot be easily removed by hand, so you will need the trimming scissors for this. You can also save these to make bubble hash or a THC extract.
  5. Take the manicured and trimmed buds, still on the main branch, and hang them up for drying.

Cleaning Your Weed Trimming Scissors

Just on a side note, you will want to clean your trimming scissors before and after you trim your marijuana, plus you will most likely need to take a break in the middle to clean the scissors as well.

All of that resin and the crystals will gunk up the works and make the scissors hard to use. Some people just use hot water and rubbing alcohol combined with some kind of scraping tool to clean the trimming scissors.

However, there are special products out there designed specifically for this task.
Perhaps the best product on the market right now for this purpose is called Scissor Fix.

Scissor Fix is pretty much a foam pad of sorts, a soft edge cleaning media, which you just push the scissor blades right into.

It is nonabrasive and will not damage the scissor blades, but will remove all crystals and resin with ease.

Simply dunk the scissors into it, move them around for a few seconds, and when you remove your trimming scissors from Scissor Fix, they will be like brand new.


There we have it folks, the best scissors for trimming weed, the best pruning shears for weed, and a few combination products where both come included.

We would definitely recommend going with one of the products which we have reviewed above, but do keep the main purchasing factors in mind so you can find the right pair for you.

Also, keep in mind why it is important to trim weed, the different methods of doing so, and what the easiest way to trim your weed is.