What Are Blinkers On A Weed Pen? (Good or Bad)

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If you choose to vape your weed as opposed to smoking it, chances are that you are using a weed pen. In other words, you are vaping some kind of concentrate, usually oil. However, something that can happen is that your weed pen starts to blink when you hit it. So, what is a blinker? and what does it mean in weed pen or dab terms?

Blinkers simply means that you take a hit for so long that the battery starts to blink. When the battery on your vape pen starts to blink, it means that the power safety feature has been activated to prevent the weed pen from overheating and causing damage to the unit.

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What Are Blinkers In Weed Terms?

A blinker with a weed pen refers to hitting it for so long in one breath that the battery indicator or power button starts to blink.

This is a safety feature that is built into weed pens to stop the battery from overheating, which in turn helps prevent damage to the cartridge or the battery from occurring.

How Many Seconds Is A Blinker?

How many seconds it will take for your vape pen to start blinking when you hit it really depends on the brand of weed pen, as well as the size and power level of the battery.

In some cases, smaller models may take just 5 seconds to start blinking, whereas other more powerful models with bigger and high quality batteries may take up to 10 or 15 seconds to start blinking.

Do Blinkers Get You More Stoned With A Weed Pen?

Yes, blinkers will get you stoned with a weed pen. The reason for this is quite simple, you end up hitting it for so long. Simply put, the longer you draw on your weed pen, the bigger the hit will be, and the more THC you will inhale.

For most people, blinkers are a good way to get super faded, as it causes you to inhale an ungodly amount of THC. Obviously, a 10 second hit is going to put much more THC in your system than a 2 second hit.

What you do need to realize however is that your tolerance to THC will increase over time. So, if you take too many blinkers over the course of several days or weeks, it’s going to cause your tolerance to skyrocket, which means that you will keep needing more and more to achieve the same effects.

Do Blinkers Drain Your Weed Pen’s Battery?

Yes, blinkers may drain the battery on your weed pen, but not necessarily because it blinks, but rather because you take such a long hit.

The longer your hit is, the more battery power is required, and therefore the faster the battery will drain. However, the bigger risk here is that if you hit the weed pen for too long, and you hit many blinkers in short succession, it can cause the battery to start overheating.

If the battery in your weed pen starts to overheat, it can cause irreversible damage to the battery and the cartridge. Yes, it can actually break your weed pen if you do this too many times.

What Does The Reddit Community Say About Blinkers?

Most people on Reddit absolutely love blinkers, with the main reason being that they are such long hits and get you super high.

Most of the talk on Reddit is all about people bragging about how long they can hit blinkers for, how many blinkers they can hit, and how many blinkers it takes to empty a cartridge of weed concentrate.

That said, there is also a clear recognition of the fact that hitting blinkers too many times is not good for weed pens, as it can damage them.

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Now that you know what blinkers are, you can decide for yourself whether or not hitting them with your weed pen is a good idea.


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