Can I Use Wax Paper To Roll A Joint?

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You’re craving some weed, but you don’t have a bong or a pipe, and you just ran out of papers. Therefore, you might be looking for something else you have around the house to roll a joint.

So, can I use wax paper to roll a joint?

No, you cannot use wax paper to roll a joint. Wax paper contains silicone, other chemicals, and wax, all of which should not be combusted or inhaled in any way as they can be extremely poisonous and harmful to your health.

can i use wax paper to roll a joint

So, Can You Roll A Joint With Wax Paper?

Whether we are talking about wax paper or parchment paper, these are things that you should absolutely not combust and inhale.

Wax paper is often made out of silicone, wax, and other chemicals that should not be combusted or inhaled.

They can be extremely poisonous and harmful to your health, and in the long run, they can cause some very serious respiratory conditions.

If you do it enough, smoking wax paper can even cause serious respiratory issues in the short run.

Most likely, all of those chemicals are also going to mess with your high, and they’re going to make you feel very nauseous, they could give you a stomach ache, and will certainly give you a headache and make you feel dizzy too.

Is Wax Paper Toxic When Smoked?

Yes, absolutely is wax paper toxic when smoked. This paper is coated in a variety of chemicals that you certainly do not want to inhale.

There’s no point in talking about this any further because the bottom line is that you just can’t be smoking wax paper. It’s poisonous.

What Can I Use For Joints If I Don’t Have Papers?

a bong

If you don’t have papers, and you’re smart enough to not use wax paper, there are other things that you might have around your house that you can use to roll joints.

That said, here we’re also going to focus on alternative smoking methods because quite honestly, there just aren’t many things that you can use to healthily roll a joint without causing serious harm to yourself.

1. Corn Husks

One of the few things around your house that you could potentially use to roll a joint is a corn husk.

The corn husk, or the exterior skin of a corn cob is relatively safe to smoke. Now, it’s certainly not the best thing to inhale, but it’s much better than other things such as paper that have ink on them.

On a side note, no, pages out of your Bible are not viable to use to roll joints with. You really don’t want to use any paper that has been treated with chemicals, which includes either whitening agents or ink.

2. Bongs

The reality is that there really aren’t many things that you can use around your house to roll a joint.

However, you can use a bong. Bongs have water in them, and they filter out chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs.

Using a bong is actually one of the cleaner smoking methods out there.

3. Pipe

If you don’t want to roll a joint at all, another thing you can use is a pipe. Pipes are fantastic because you don’t have to do any rolling, they are easy to use, and portable too.

Moreover, a good metal or glass bong won’t really pose any risk to you whatsoever, because there aren’t any chemicals to be burned and inhaled.

4. An Aluminum Can

Another thing that you can use to smoke some weed if you don’t have any papers at all is an aluminum can. Yes, this is a very old school method of smoking, but it does work.

All you have to do is open a can, empty the contents, poke a hole in the side, make a little indent where the hole is, and you are good to go.

That little hole with the indent is going to serve as the bowl where you put the weed, and you then pull through the opening of the can.

5. Hot Knives

If you don’t have any papers at all, or any alternatives to roll a joint, another good option to consider are two knives.

This is what is known as a hot knife. You take two knives and heat them up until they are glowing red, which can be done using the coil on your kitchen stove or with a blowtorch.

Once those knives are glowing hot, you then put a bud of weed in between them, squeeze, and inhale the smoke that comes off of it.

6. Blunt Wraps

Of course, another option that you have at your disposal are some good old blunt wraps. These could be tobacco blunt wraps or hemp blunt wraps.

Yes, these are much larger than normal joint papers, but they will still do the trick.

7. Vaping

One of the healthiest ways to inhale marijuana without actually smoking at all is by vaping. You can vape actual flowers in a vaporizer, or you can also vape concentrates.

This is a much cleaner way of smoking as the vapor is not nearly as harmful to your health as smoke is.


The bottom line here is that you should be using actual rolling papers to roll your joints, which could be normal papers, rice papers, or hemp papers. Your next best option is to use a blunt wrap, followed by corn husks.

After that, using anything from aluminum cans two bongs, pipes, and more are all feasible options. That said, both wax paper and parchment paper should not be used as rolling papers, as they are extremely poisonous to your health.


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