Can My Downstairs Neighbors Smell My Weed?

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If you are smoking weed in your home, you do need to pay attention to and keep your neighbors in mind. After all, not all of us like smelling weed smoke.

Some of us have asthma or other such breathing conditions, plus nobody should be forced to live in a weed hotbox if they don’t want to. So, can my downstairs neighbor smell my weed?

Ok, so if we are talking about the smell of unburnt weed, chances are that yes, they can smell it. Weed smells quite strongly, and if the airflow in the house is right, they will be able to smell it. The same can be said for weed smoke. Although air does usually travel up, not down, that weed smoke can still make its way downstairs.

Can My Downstairs Neighbors Smell My Weed


If I Smoke Weed Downstairs, Will It Smell Upstairs?

Yes, your neighbors are able to smell weed smoke upstairs if you smoke downstairs. Weed smoke is hotter than normal air and it floats too. Warm air always travels upwards and cool air travels down to replace it. Smoke also tends to be lighter than air in general, so it will travel upwards.

If you smoke weed in your apartment or in a lower floor in a house, yes, the smoke will travel upwards and everybody will be able to smell it. This may even be the case and vice versa.

Although it is less likely for that weed smoke to travel downstairs than upstairs, it is still a possibility. Chances are pretty big that no matter where in a house or apartment you smoke weed, other people will be able to smell it.

Also, keep in mind that weed tea smells strongly too.

Can You Smell Weed Through Walls and Windows?

Chances are also pretty big that your neighbors will be able to smell the weed smoke through your windows and walls. Now, sure, if you have windows and walls that are 100% airtight, then this should not be an issue.

However, let’s face it, walls and windows are usually never 100% airtight. Walls are made with various materials that still allow some air to flow through, no matter how well the walls are insulated.

Moreover, windows are never airtight either, and as they get older, their seals start to break down, and will therefore let weed smoke through.

So, unless you have a super high quality house that is constructed using state of the art materials and building practices, you will still be able to smell weed through walls and windows.

Can Neighbors Complain About Weed Smell?

Whether or not your neighbors can complain about weed smell really depends on the circumstances and location. For instance, if you live in a place where weed is not legal, then yes, they can complain, and this is the case no matter what.

If you live in an apartment or share a house with others, not only can they complain to the landlord, but to the authorities too, and of course, this can get you in legal trouble.

Moreover, most places nowadays have strict rules against smoking indoors, and if you live in a place where this has been stipulated, then yes, your neighbors may also complain.

However, if weed is legal where you live, and you don’t share a house with others, or in other words, if you own your own house, then nobody can complain.

Sure, people might be able to smell the weed when they walk past your house, but legally, there is nothing that they can do about it.

How To Stop Weed Smells From Your Neighbors

If you are living in an apartment or in the second or third story of a house, and the people you smoke weed, then your living space may also smell like it. If this bothers you, there are some steps you can take against your home smelling like weed.

That said, there is only so much you can do here, because weed, both the unburnt smell and the smoke of it, is very strong.

One of the only things that you can really do is to try to seal any gaps present. This goes for doors, windows, vents, and more.

Any place that smoke can travel to needs to be blocked off. If you block off airflow, it will also help prevent the weed smoke from being sucked into your apartment.

Moreover, having good airflow, and maybe using some air fresheners could help too. That said, if someone is smoking weed on the floor directly below you, there is not much that you will be able to do to prevent and contain that weed smell.

If all else fails, you need to complain to your landlord about your neighbors smoking, and if that fails, then you need to contact the authorities.


The bottom line here is that weed does smell very strongly, and if you are smoking indoors, no matter how well constructed the house is, chances are almost 100% that the other people in the home will be able to smell it.


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