Can You Smoke After A Tongue Piercing?

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A lot of people who get a tongue piercing may want to smoke a joint or some cigarettes afterwards. However, as you could probably assume, it might not be the best idea. So, can you smoke after a tongue piercing?

It’s not recommended that you smoke after getting a tongue piercing, especially not for the first 10 days after getting the piercing. This is especially the case with cigarettes, although how weed affects this has not been thoroughly researched yet.

can you smoke after a tongue piercing


Can You Smoke After A Tongue Piercing? (Cigarettes)

smoking a cigarette after tongue piercing

It is recommended that you avoid smoking any kind of cigarettes or tobacco for at least 10 days after getting your piercing.

Now, this is not the same thing as when you get your teeth pulled, because your tongue isn’t going to suffer from dry socket.

However, the issue here is that the nicotine that cigarettes contain can delay the healing process. It is said that people who smoke regularly right after getting their tongue pierced can take up to twice as long for their piercing to heal.

It’s not like it will kill you, but it will definitely slow down the healing process and cause a good bit of irritation, discomfort, and excess swelling.

If you aren’t careful, especially if you get bacteria into your mouth, you may also develop an infection, which can be more serious.

If you are smoking any cigarettes or using anything with nicotine, you definitely want to use mouthwash directly afterwards.

Another option here is to put a wet tea bag over the piercing while you smoke.

Can You Smoke Weed After A Tongue Piercing?

smoking weed after tongue piercing

The unfortunate reality here is that there actually hasn’t been much research done on this front. Whether or not you can smoke weed after tongue piercing is questionable.

On most piercing websites the general sentiment is that you just shouldn’t smoke anything at all within the first week or even ten days after getting your piercing.

However, due to the limited research done on marijuana, exactly what the effect might be is questionable at best.

One of the things that can happen when you smoke weed is that you get a dry mouth, and having a dry mouth is not good for having that tongue piercing heal as quickly as possible.

Having a dry mouth can lead to more swelling and irritation, and ultimately may slow down the healing process.

Of course, weed does not contain nicotine, so it’s not quite the same thing, but weed does contain many other chemicals. There just really isn’t enough research on this front to come to a solid conclusion.

That being said, you’re probably better off not smoking anything for around 10 days after getting your tongue pierced.

Are Edibles Safe To Use After A Tongue Piercing?

Seeing as you really shouldn’t smoke anything right after getting a tongue piercing, you might be considering getting high or just trying to ease some of that pain with some good old weed edibles.

Now, there really isn’t much research on the front of whether or not any of the chemicals in weed are good or bad to consume after having a tongue piercing.

However, there are certain foods that you should avoid eating after getting a tongue piercing. This includes anything crunchy or sharp, like potato chips, anything spicy or many spices in general, as well as anything salty or overly acidic.

Most of your weed edibles are going to take the form of something like a soft cookie or a brownie though, so that should technically be fine.

Just make sure to wash your mouth afterward so you don’t have any of the weed edible residue left around your piercing.

Can You Vape After A Tongue Piercing?

Although edibles are probably your best bet, you may be able to vape marijuana after getting your tongue pierced.

Vaping isn’t nearly as bad as smoking. That vapor isn’t nearly as hot as smoke is, and it won’t dry your mouth out nearly as much as smoke will.

That said, it’s still probably not ideal, as it can still dry out your mouth a little bit. Of course, you also want to avoid infections from occurring.

Generally speaking, you probably shouldn’t vape for at least a week after having your tongue pierced.

Once again, the simple reality is that there isn’t much research in terms of the effect that all of the chemicals in weed have on oral piercings.

Tongue Piercing After Care Tips

Let’s just go over a few tips on what you should do after getting your tongue pierced to take care of it.

  • Always take small bites, and try to stick to healthy food.
  • Do not share plates, cups, forks, or anything else of the sort, due to bacterial reasons.
  • Do not drink anything hot like hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.
  • Always talk and chew carefully, be gentle, and don’t click your tongue ring against your teeth.
  • Always take the jewelry out when you play sports, and wear a mouth guard.
  • Check your jewelry every once in a while to make sure that it is still tight, so you don’t choke or swallow it.

Things That Help

Let’s quickly go over some tips to help that piercing heal a bit faster.

  • Always follow all aftercare instructions as provided by your piercing artist.
  • There are special ready made mouth rinses designed exactly for this purpose, or you can always do a salt rinse as well.
  • Salt will help to disinfect the area and keep it clean, as well basic mouthwash.
  • For the first few days, you should only eat very soft and bland foods, things like plain yogurt and applesauce.
  • Brush your teeth to keep your mouth clean. rinse the piercing after each meal.

Things To Avoid

  • Do not smoke after getting your tongue piercing.
  • Don’t touch the piercing or play with it.
  • Try not to talk too much.
  • Avoid anything spicy, salty, aesthetic, or crunchy.
  • Avoid kissing and oral sex.



You should now know exactly what you need to do to help that tongue piercing heal faster, especially in regard to smoking weed.


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