Did Albert Einstein Smoke Weed? Fact Or Myth

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One of the funniest questions that we often get asked is did Albert Einstein smoke weed. Yes, this is a really odd question to ask as he’s one of the most famous scientists of all time, the creator of the atomic bomb.

The answer here is that it is not 100% clear whether or not he did ever smoke weed. There are some accounts that he smoked marijuana during his years at Harvard University in the United States of America. However, there is in fact no conclusive evidence that points either way.

Did Albert Einstein Smoke Weed?

Did Albert Einstein Smoke Weed?

There are several anecdotal and first hand accounts of people that claim that they witnessed Albert Einstein smoking marijuana, or even smoking marijuana with him.

However, as far as real evidence goes, such as documentation or pictures, there is unfortunately none. In fact, there is also some anecdotal evidence insulate of Albert Einstein even taking LSD, a common hallucinogenic drug.

However, the bottom line is that there is no solid evidence that proves that Albert Einstein ever did or did not smoke weed. In all reality, chances are almost 100% that Albert Einstein never smoked any marijuana.

Yes, Albert Einstein did smoke a pipe, although it is commonly known that he enjoyed his tobacco. There is no evidence that he ever replaced his tobacco with marijuana.

About Albert Einstein

Albert einstein facts

Let’s quickly go over some interesting facts about the world famous scientist, Albert Einstein.

1. Einstein Never Actually Failed Math

One common rumor about Albert Einstein is that he failed his math courses during his later years in school.

Children nowadays who failed their math classes or are just not good at math often take solace in this so called fact. However, this is not true in the least.

In fact, Albert Einstein usually always scored some of the highest, if not the highest grades in his classes. Although he was a reluctant student he did not like to attend school or learn in the traditional methods, he was not at all a slouch in mathematics.

You don’t start the Manhattan Project and build the atomic bomb if you aren’t great with numbers.

2. Einstein Was Asked to be the President of Israel

Once the state of Israel was officially created, Einstein was one of the first people who was asked to be its president.

He was not traditionally religious, but he did have a deep connection to his Jewish heritage, especially after the Second World War and the Holocaust.

When the head of state died in 1952, the government of Israel offered Einstein the second presidency. However, Einstein had no interest in leading the country.

3. He Helped Create the Atomic Bomb, and Then Spoke Out Against It

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Einstein got wind that the Nazis were creating their own atomic bomb.

The prospect that these horrible people could have such a weapon convinced him to put aside his pacifist theories and he teamed up with a Hungarian physicist, who then together urged President Franklin D Roosevelt to perform atomic research.

Einstein may have never directly been a part of the Manhattan Project per se, although he did have a large role to play in the creation of the atomic bomb.

However, once Einstein saw the effects that the atomic bomb had on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he felt deep regret and began speaking out against nuclear weapons.

4. He Was Thought to be A German or Soviet Spy

He took up a teaching position at Princeton University New Jersey. At the time, J Edgar Hoover was the leader of the FBI, and he was extremely suspicious of Einstein.

Shortly after Einstein moved to the United states, a 22 year long surveillance campaign was launched on Einstein. His mail, trash, phone calls, and everything else possible were examined. he was thought to be either a German or Soviet spy, but no evidence of this was ever found.

By the time Einstein passed away in 1955, the FBI had a massive file totaling 1800 pages on Einstein.

5. His Brain Was Stolen After His Death

The other interesting fact about Einstein that you should know is that after he died in 1955 from an aneurysm, although he had requested his body be cremated, one of the pathologists from Princeton University actually stole his brain and kept it for himself.

He had hoped to perform research on the brain to discover exactly what made Einstein such a genius.

The brain was even cut into pieces and then sent to other scientists for a continued research period, of course, nothing was ever found.

Did Albert Einstein Smoke A Pipe?

tobacco pipe

Yes, Albert Einstein did smoke a pipe. However, there’s absolutely zero evidence indicating that he ever put marijuana in that pipe. Yes, he was a pipe smoker, although, by all accounts, he smoked nothing other than regular tobacco.

Does Smoking Marijuana Make You Smarter?

There’s absolutely no evidence to show that smoking marijuana makes you smarter in any way, shape, or form. In fact, rather the opposite is the case.

What is shown is that smoking marijuana may permanently affect short term memory and long term memory, as well as the ability to think coherently, especially when problem solving is involved.

Although trying marijuana a few times will not make you any dumber or smarter, smoking weed daily for prolonged period of time may have negative consequences on the functionality of the human brain.

So if you were thinking that smoking marijuana daily would somehow make you smarter, you are out of luck.

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So, Was Einstein A Stoner?

The bottom line here is that no, Albert Einstein was not a Stoner. In all reality, although he might have tried it once or twice, he did not smoke weed regularly, and there’s absolutely no evidence to prove that he ever did.


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