Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Explained

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Marijuana, THC, Hemp, CBD, and more, yeah, there’s lots of terms out there and things can get a bit confusing no doubt. One of the biggest points of confusion has to do with the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, and yes folks, there is a difference.

Hemp oil, often called hemp seed oil, is made out of only the seeds of the hemp plant, whereas CBD oil is made out of the seeds, stems, stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant, or sometimes the marijuana plant too. And no, hemp plants and marijuana plants are not the same thing. Let’s explain.


What Part Of The Plant Does CBD Come From?

part of the cannabis plant

You might be wondering, what is CBD oil made from? Well, CBD oil is made out of the leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds of the hemp plant. That is right, hemp plants are not exactly the same thing as marijuana plants.

They are kind of like cousins, much like white roses vs red roses, or something of that nature. Now, some CBD oil is made from actual marijuana plants, but the vast majority of it is made from hemp plants.

Marijuana plants contain THC, often high amounts of it, the good stuff that gets you high, whereas hemp plants do not, or at least only trace amounts of it, but not enough to produce effects. Hemp plants are usually grown with the purpose of creating hemp fibers for making clothing, rope, and other manufacturable materials.

On the other hand, hemp seed oil, often just referred to as hemp oil, is made out of only the seeds of the hemp plant, but not the leaves, stalks, or stems, and it is never made out of the seeds of marijuana plants.

Is CBD The Same As Hemp Oil?

hemp oil

So, as you might have figured out by now, no CBD is not the same thing as hemp Oil. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is known for having great benefits for the skin, such as hydration, getting rid of acne, and other related benefits, but past that, unlike CBD oil, because hemp seed oil does not contain CBD, it does not have other benefits.

Some people may also use hemp seed oil for cooking or for moisturizing hair. Of course, actual CBD oil is known for having a great number of benefits, dozens of them, both for physical and mental health.

The bottom line is that hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and therefore also does not have nearly as many benefits as actual CBD oil.

Is CBD Oil Or Hemp Oil Better For Anxiety?

Since hemp oil does not contain CBD, it will do absolutely nothing at all to help control or reduce anxiety. It is the CBD in CBD oil which is known for having anxiety relief and depression relief benefits.

You can eat as much hemp oil as you want, or take baths in vats of it, but it won’t do anything to help reduce anxiety. It’s CBD oil that you need to use for this.

Can CBD Hemp Oil Make You Fail A Drug Test?

No, CBD hemp oil will not make you fail a drug test. For one, CBD hemp oil is 100% legal in all US states, and yes, in most places around the world.

If we are talking about the USA alone, because CBD hemp oil is legal, nobody is going to test you for this substance, and therefore, CBD hemp oil will not make you fail a drug test.

Note On Legalization

However, do keep in mind that many states, as well as the US federal government, have not legalized marijuana containing THC. Yes, some States have legalized THC, either for medical or recreational use, or both, but not the federal government.

Also, many employers, even in States where THC is legal, do have the right to test for it. Government jobs, such as police officers, are a prime example of this, and yes, if tested for, THC will make you fail a drug test, but CBD hemp oil is totally fine in this regard.


While hemp seed oil or hemp oil may be good for cooking, and yes, although it does have various benefits for dry, irritated, and acne prone skin, it does not contain CBD, and no, it is not the same as CBD oil.

CBD oil has way more benefits for the human body and mind, and by many people is regarded as some kind of miracle substance, which in all reality, it is.


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