Do Cigarette Filters Filter THC? (Answered)

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If you like smoking joints and blunts, then it is likely that you use a filter. Of course, a filter is designed to stop particulate matter from getting into your mouth. Nobody wants little bits of weed in their mouth.

However, when you don’t have filter paper, you might want to use a cigarette filter but does it really filter the THC, or is it a myth?

No, cigarette filters really won’t filter out any THC. At the very most, they will only filter out extremely small amounts. Generally speaking, using a cigarette filter for a joint or blunt filter will not affect your smoking experience, at least not noticeably so.

do cigarette filters filter THC

Do Cigarette Filters Really Filter Out THC?

What needs to be said here is that we have not been able to find a single scientific study that has been performed on this topic.

Marijuana has not been legal long enough, and is not legal in enough places of the world to warrant this kind of scientific study. Moreover, cigarette filters are not commonly used for joints and blunts, which is why there are also not many studies done on them.

With that being said, it is relatively safe to say that cigarette filters will not filter out THC. There are some preliminary findings that show that cigarette filters may filter out extremely small quantities of THC.

However, the vast majority of both THC and CBD it will pass through the filter and go into your lungs as desired. The fact of the matter is that cigarette filters really don’t work very well as is.

They barely work to filter out the literally thousands of toxic chemicals contained in cigarettes. Although they do filter out some of the chemicals found in cigarettes, the main purpose is to simply block particulate matter from getting into your mouth.

So, if they don’t work well at their intended purpose, they’re most likely not going to work at all to filter out THC.

This is of course a good thing, because if the THC is filtered out, then your weed will have no effect on you.

How Do Cigarette Filters Work?

Cigarette filters are generally made from plastic cellulose acetate fiber, paper, or activated carbon, or activated carbon that is inserted into plastic cellulose acetate fiber.

These are generally known to modify the particulate smoke phase by particle retention, or in simplest terms filtration. Generally speaking, cigarette filters are intended to reduce the dangers and harms caused by smoking tobacco and the various chemicals inside of it.

They have indeed been shown to slightly reduce the risk of lung cancer. These filters are generally best for removing large tar particles as well as some nicotine.

However, they are very inefficient at removing gases of lower molecular weights, and smaller molecules in general. Although they do filter out some tar and nicotine, as well as some of the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, they are generally fairly ineffective.

They seem to be more of a placebo than anything else. Moreover, the main function of a cigarette filter is really just to block out particulate matter, or in other words, to prevent yourself from getting tobacco in your mouth.

The simple reality here is that cigarette filters really don’t work at all, or at least not as well as most people would like to think.

Can You Still Get High Using a Filter In a Joint?

Of course, the THC in marijuana is what gets you high. As we have established by now, a cigarette filter really doesn’t remove any THC from the smoke, or at least just very minimal amounts.

Therefore, all of that THC still gets to your lungs and therefore into your blood.

At the end of the day, although there might be an extremely small difference, you’ll get just as high off of a joint or blunt that is being filtered with a cigarette filter then with a normal piece of filter paper or without a filter at all.

Generally speaking, a cigarette filter really shouldn’t difference in terms of getting you high.

Best Alternatives To Cigarette Filters?

Ok, so if you don’t want to use a cigarette filter for your joint or blunt, there are some alternatives to consider.

One of the alternatives here is to use a classic joint filter, or in other words, a small rolled up piece of paper or cardboard. Paper and cardboard both won’t remove any THC from the mix, but they will stop we from getting into your mouth.

You then also have a variety of joint filter tips at your disposal. These are small devices that you can buy, which you then place on the front of a joint.

These do also work very well at filtering out particulate matter so that you won’t get weed in your mouth, but they won’t stop any of the THC or CBD from getting into your system.

One of the coolest types of filtered hits out there is the glass filter tip. Glass filter tips won’t stop THC or CBD from getting into your system, but they do block particulate matter, and they also stop your joint from getting soggy from your spit.

You then also have the ceramic joint filter tips, which function in much the same way. The other option at your disposal here is to use a water bong. Water does actually work as a decent filter.

If you ever smoke bong, you will see that the water turns brown after a few hits. This brown color is due to some of the chemicals getting stuck in the water.

Water is not going to filter out THC or CBD, but it will filter out the brown color, some of the resin, and some other chemicals too.

In fact, if you are looking for a totally cost free and natural type of filter, water does work quite well.


When it comes down to it, if you want to use a cigarette filter for your joint, go for it, because it will really have absolutely no effect on your high.


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