Do Mason Jars Keep Weed Smell In?

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Something that your family members or neighbors might complain about is that your marijuana really smells. Here we’re not talking about smoking it, but just the weed itself. You might want to store your weed in some Mason jars. That said, do Mason jars keep weed smell in?

The short answer here is that yes, Mason jars do keep the smell of weed. These are airtight glass containers that are relatively thick and do not let any smell or air penetrate. They are some of the best containers to keep your weed in.

do mason jars keep weed smell in

Are Mason Jars Scent Proof With Weed?

Mason jars are scent proof with weed, at least relatively so. When they are closed, if the seal is intact, and if the jars are made out of relatively thick glass, then they will be more or less 100% smell proof.

You just can’t really smell anything through a quarter-inch of glass. Of course, if the seal, that rubber ring around the top that connects the lid and the rest of the jar is not intact, then some smell may get out.

That said, if it’s a decent mason jar, it’s made out of glass, and the lid and the seal are in good condition, then yes, Mason jars will be scent proof with weed.

This is why most people who want to keep their weed out of sight, or out of smell we should say, will use high quality Mason jars.

Do Airtight Containers Stop The Weed Smell?

One of the main reasons why Mason jars do such a good job at keeping the smell of weed inside is because they are totally airtight. If absolutely no air can get out, then smell should not be able to get out either.

This is especially the case because Mason jars are made out of relatively thick glass. However, if we are talking about just airtight containers in general, it does really depend what they are made out of.

If they are made out of fixed glass or metal, or even very thick plastic, then they should do the job.

That said, some airtight containers, such as very thin and cheap types of plastic containers, might not keep the smell in 100%.

If you have very low quality containers combined with extremely strong smelling weed, the smell might just get through.

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Why Is The Smell Escaping From My Mason Jar?

If your Mason jar is letting the smell of weed out, then it is for one reason and that is that it does not seal properly. Mason jars have little buckles that allow you to seal them.

However, if there’s something wrong with those metal components, you might not be able to shut the Mason jar all the way. Moreover, the rubber seal that sits in between the lid and the body of the Mason jar also has to be in good condition.

If it is cracked, warped, or just broken in any way, then it obviously won’t properly seal the Mason jar, therefore allowing the smell of weed to get out.

If this is the case, you either don’t have a real Mason jar, a low quality Mason jar, or it’s just broken.

Other Ways To Store Your Weed Without Smell

storing weed

If you don’t have a Mason jar, there are some other ways to store your weed so that the smell cannot get out and annoy the rest of your family and neighbors.

1. Use Doob Tubes

Dube tubes are special little containers designed to hold single joints and blunts. Of course, these aren’t designed to hold large quantities of marijuana flower.

That said, if you get a high-quality doob tube made of glass or thick plastic, one that has a tight rubber stopper as a lid, it should definitely keep the smell of your joint or blunt from leaking out all over the place.

2. Using A Smell Proof Ziploc Bag

Another one of the best ways to store your weed without smell is to use a smell proof zip lock bag. Now, normal zip lock bags aren’t going to be smell proof.

If you’re using normal plastic zip lock bags, you probably have to use three or four of them for this to be effective.

That being said, there are special smell proof zip lock bags designed for this exact purpose, for storing weed without letting the smell get out.

These may also be known as Smelly-Proof bags. Now, just be aware that plastic has a tendency to ruin trichomes and terpenes, so storing your weed in any kind of plastic container for too long may alter or diminish its scent and flavor.

3. Keep It In The Freezer

Another good way to store your weed without any smell, and to keep it in good condition for much longer, is to put it in the freezer.

Now, most people will put weed into a zip lock bag and then in the freezer. That being said, remember that plastic is not the best in terms of keeping the smell and flavor of your weed intact.

Therefore, you might want to try using a glass Mason jar, and then putting that in the freezer. Therefore, here you will get the smell proofing from the Mason jar and the freezer.

The fact of the matter is that when things get cold, they don’t smell as much anymore. If you put weed in the freezer, it’s barely going to have any scent at all. Just be sure to control moisture levels so that your weed doesn’t get molded.

4. Tupperware Works Too

OK, so as mentioned, plastic is not the best thing to use to store weed due to the way in which it diminishes terpenes.

That said, a good Tupperware container or a thick plastic container that has an airtight lid will help to keep the smell in.

Of course, it does depend on how thick the plastic is, but generally speaking, a decent container should keep the smell in just fine.

5. Using Pill Bottles or Film Canisters

There are also other plastic containers that you can use, including film canisters and prescription medication bottles.

That said, you can only keep a couple of grams of weed in either of these types of containers, but they will keep the smell in quite well.

These are usually made out of very thick and solid plastic and have completely airtight seals. In fact, film canisters are probably better than pill bottles.


The best way to keep your weed without any smell is to use a Mason jar. However, as you can see, there are other options at your disposal if you want to store your weed in a discreet manner.


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