Does Freezing Edibles Make Them Stronger?

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If you’re a big fan of edibles, you probably know that they hit really hard. They’re not something that you want to do every day, because you wake up the next morning feeling really tired.

Therefore, you might want to store them in a certain way to make them last longer but most importantly you want to ensure they don’t lose any potency.

Freezing is a common storage suggestion, but does it work? and does freezing edibles making stronger? or is this a myth? Let’s find out.

does freezing edibles make them stronger

Will Freezing Edibles Affect Their Potency?

No, freezing edibles does not make them stronger, but it will make them last a lot longer.

With normal weed edibles, you can expect their potency to last for anywhere between two and five months. However, over time, that potency will start to decrease.

There’s nothing worse than eating an edible and wondering why you haven’t gotten high, then eating another, and still not getting high.

For this reason, many people search for ways to preserve their edibles for much longer. One of the best ways to preserve edibles in fact is in the freezer.

The good thing about freezing edibles is that it’s not going to affect their potency. In fact, their potency is going to stay at the level it is at for much longer, up to several months longer. You’re actually helping your weed stay strong for much longer when you freeze it.

That being said, it’s not like freezing your weed is going to increase its potency either. It’s just going to stay potent for longer before the THC and CBD starts to degrade.

How Long Do Edibles Stay Potent In Freezer?

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Edibles will usually stay potent for anywhere between two and five months.

That might seem like quite a long time, but when you have a busy life and forget about your edibles, that time can creep up pretty quickly.

Yes, freezing your edibles is a good way to preserve their potency and integrity for a prolonged period of time. If you store your edibles in the freezer properly, you can extend their lifespan by up to several months.

Generally speaking, you can expect edibles that have been put in the freezer to last for anywhere between five and eight months. Exactly how long they will last will depend on your storage method.

If you are planning to store weed in the freezer, make sure that you store your edibles in an airtight container so no oxygen can get to them.

You also want to keep them in an opaque container so that light cannot get to them. On that note, also make sure that they don’t have any moisture on them, or are exposed to much moisture when you go to freeze them, as this can cause freezer burn.

Before you store your edibles, you might also want to wrap them in some parchment paper before you put them in an airtight container.

If there is any moisture present, that parchment paper will help absorb it and prevent the edibles from getting soggy or even moldy.

How Do You Get The Strongest Effect From Edibles?

If you are eating edibles, you probably want to get the strongest effect out of them. Follow the tips listed below to make sure that those edibles hit as hard as humanly possible.

  • Of course, the number one thing that is going to affect how hard those edibles hit is how strong the edibles are in the first place. Now, if you’re new to edibles you obviously want to start slow, because edibles can hit hard. However, simply put, the more of them you eat, and the stronger the weed is that was used to make the edibles, the higher you are going to get.
  • Another good idea before you eat edibles is to make sure that you have an empty stomach. Of course, when you eat edibles, they have to go through your digestive tract. Therefore, the less food there is in your system for that THC to mix with, the faster your body is going to be able to absorb it. The faster your body absorbs that THC, the higher you will get, and the faster it’s going to happen.
  • To help you get the most out of your edibles, we also recommend eating a bit of food about half an hour after having the edibles. This is going to help to really push that THC through your system once you have ingested it.
  • Something else you can try doing to get the most out of your edibles is to get your metabolism running on high. To do this, you could try performing just a bit of physical exercise after eating the edibles, and this will really get your blood flowing and cause your body to process the THC and the edibles much faster.

Best Ways To Store Edibles

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the best ways to store those edibles to make them last for as long as humanly possible.

1. Freezing

The number one best way to store your edibles is by freezing them. In terms of how to freeze your edibles the best way, refer to the tips listed above.

Freezing your edibles will prevent them from degrading for as long as humanly possible so that THC stays intact and still gets you high.

2. Airtight Containers

Another good way to store your edibles, if you don’t want them to be frozen and have to deal with thawing them out, is to keep them in airtight containers.

Make sure that the containers do not let any air in, that they don’t have any moisture inside, and that they are not exposed to any light.

You want those edibles to be in a dark, dry, and relatively cool place. this will help preserve their potency and will also help prevent them from going soggy or moldy.

3. Glass Jars + Fridge

Another thing that you can do to store your edibles is to put them in glass jars and then place them in the fridge.

Remember, the cool air from the fridge is ideal for preserving weed. However, also be aware that there is some moisture present in refrigerators.

Therefore, you do need that container to be perfectly dry when you put your edibles inside of it and probably want to wrap them in some parchment paper too, as this will help absorb any excess moisture.

Also, be sure to place those edibles in a dark corner of your fridge.



There you have it folks, everything you need to know about storing your edibles in a freezer and what the effects will be. Just wrap them in some parchment paper, put your edibles in an airtight container that is opaque, and place them in the freezer.


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