Does Taking A Shower Take Away Your High?

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If you happen to smoke a little too much, and you are feeling too high, you might be looking for a way to get rid of that intense high. There are some ways in which you can get rid of a high. Some people say showering helps. So, does taking a shower take away your high?

Technically speaking, there is no proof that showering gets rid of a high. Sure, for some people the effect a shower has can be very relaxing and make them forget about the anxiety that the intense high is causing, but realistically, it won’t actually make your less high. Let’s take a closer look.

Does Taking A Shower Take Away Your High?

What Happens If You Take A Shower While You Are High?

Ok, so some of the assumptions that people have about showering while high is that the hot water may make you sweat out the THC so that your high doesn’t last as long, that showering will relax you to the point where you lose your high, that a cold shower snaps you back into reality, or that a hot shower can actually make you more high by making you feel hotter.

The simple fact of the matter is that realistically, you have already consumed or smoked that THC, and taking a shower is not going to change that.

The effect from smoking weed is rather immediate, and simply sweating due to a hot shower won’t change that. Some people think that showering gets rid of a high, but that isn’t really true at all.

That said, some people who are experiencing anxiety due to being too high may benefit from a shower nonetheless. No, the shower won’t make you any less high per say, but it can be relaxing to the point where it can help relieve your anxiety that you are experiencing due to being way too high.

One of the most important things that you need to remember here is that everything expressed is based on opinion, personal experiences, and anecdotes.

There is no scientific research that has been done on this front, nothing to really prove anything one way or another.

Taking a shower while high may make you feel a bit better, or sometimes a bit worse, but realistically, it’s not really going to do anything at all, at least not in terms of actually taking away the high.

Cold Shower Vs A Warm Shower While Your Stoned

Ok, so while showering may not take away your high per se, there are some effects that you may experience if you shower while high.

Now, some people say showering cold when high is better, whereas others say that showering hot is better. So, is there any difference between cold and warm showers when you are high?

Cold Shower

Some people do say that a cold shower can help take away feelings of anxiety when high. For some people, a jolt of super cold water can be enough to really snap them back into reality.

It’s not like you will be less high per se, but you might be a little more aware of what is going on. That cold really brings you back to life.

On that note, if you take a cold shower, it will slow your heart rate down a bit. This may actually contribute to you feeling less high, especially as far as that anxiety is concerned.

If your heart slows down a bit, you may not feel quite as anxious or stressed, therefore making you feel a bit less high, even though you’re just as high as you were before taking a 5 minute cold shower.

Warm Shower

There are then some people that say that taking a warm shower can help them calm down and feel less anxious in the event that they got too high.

Remember folks, everything here is anecdotal and based on personal experience, but everyone is different. That said, warm showers do tend to have a calming effect on the mind. This is a scientific fact.

Warm showers and bubble baths are often recommended for people suffering from anxiety, high stress levels, and even depression.

However, although it might calm you down and help you reduce some of that anxiety, it’s not actually going to take the high away.

On that note, if you happen to take a hot shower, this could actually worsen things. Taking a super hot shower when you are very high could make you feel dizzy and sick to your stomach, and it can make your heart beat much faster too.

Although you won’t actually be more high than you were before the hot shower, it can certainly feel a bit uncomfortable.

What About Showering After Edibles?

Taking a shower after edibles really isn’t much different than showering after smoking, that is unless you take a boiling hot shower just after eating some edibles.

If you take a super hot shower, it can increase your heart rate and your metabolic rate, therefore leading you to digest the edibles and absorb the THC faster.

So, if you find that the edibles are taking too long to kick in, a hot shower may be the solution you are looking for.

Other Effective Techniques To Kill Your High Quickly

Whether or not taking a hot shower will kill your high is questionable, as is the case with most other methods. The simple reality is that most methods simply make you feel better and less anxious, but won’t actually take away your high.

That said, there are some good ways to help you relax and release some anxiety in the event that you get far too high for your own good.

lemon slice

1. Smell Pepper or Eat Lemons

Scientific research shows that some terpenes in foods can have calming effects on the brain. Just like the terpenes in weed make you feel things, so do terpenes in foods.

It is shown that chewing on some lemon or black pepper, or even just smelling them, the terpenes in them, can have relaxing effects on the human brain. In simplest terms, some aromatherapy can help reduce the anxiety from feeling high.

2. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also shown to have great calming effects on the human mind. Some good breathing or even meditation can help relieve the effects from getting way too high.

Yes, you do need to concentrate on breathing, so at the very least, it will just help take your mind off things.

3. Have a Glass of Water

Drinking some water is something else that can help ground you in the event that you feel too high. No, water won’t make you less high, but getting rid of that cotton mouth certainly helps make you more comfortable.

Also having something to do, even if it’s just drinking water, can take your mind off of the anxiety.

4. Sleep

If all else fails just take a nap or call it a day and go to sleep. If you’re already high, sleeping shouldn’t be an issue, and you should feel good as new once you wake up.


The bottom line is that there is no scientific evidence to prove that showering, one way or another, will actually do anything to affect your high.


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