Does Weed Tea Smell Strongly? (Cover Up Tips)

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In case you did not know, making tea out of weed, AKA weed tea, is a common practice, and it can be quite tasty too. That said, if you are brewing your own weed tea, you might be concerned about the smell that it creates. So, does weed tea smell?

Yes, weed tea does smell like weed, and depending on the strain you use, as well as the brewing method you use, it can actually smell quite strongly. There are however a number of ways to cover up the smell which we are going to cover in more detail further into the article.

does weed tea smell


Can You Brew Tea Out Of Weed?

Yes, absolutely can you brew tea out of weed, and in fact, this is a very common practice. Now, many people will choose to make weed tea out of old weed stems or even out of weed trimmings. This will work just fine, although the THC level in the tea will be very low.

For the best results, it is recommended that real and fresh marijuana buds be used. Just like you can infuse oils and other foods with weed, so can you infuse tea.

Now, that being said, there is a little more to it than just boiling your weed in some water and then drinking it. First and foremost, your weed does need to be activated in order for it to work.

Raw and plain weed has THC in it, but the active compound that actually gets you high is known as THCA. To make this conversion, your weed needs to be decarboxylated.

Therefore, if you are brewing weed tea with weed that hasn’t been decarbed yet, you will want to let it simmer for at least an hour to allow the heat to activate the weed.

The other method you could use here is to first decarb your weed in the oven or by using any other proven methods, and then brewing the tea.

The other issue to take note of here is that THC is not water soluble. It won’t actually go into the water, which is of course an issue.

However, THC is oil soluble, which means that when you make weed tea, it needs to have some kind of oil or grease in it for the THC to bind to.

For this reason, you first need to thoroughly coat the weed in butter or oil before simmering it, as the THC infused grease is what will actually get you feeling high, not the water itself.

Does Weed Tea Smell Like Weed?

Yes, weed tea does smell like weed, and it can be a rather strong aroma. This is no different than when you bake or boil anything else.

When you brew green tea, the house will smell like green tea, and when you boil some chicken, the house smells like chicken.

Therefore, when you make weed tea, especially if you are using strong and high quality weed, it is going to smell a bit, and in some cases, rather strongly.

How To Cover Up The Weed Smell Making Weed Tea

If you are worried about the smell that will infuse your whole house when making weed tea, there are some good ways to help cover up and control that smell.

Refer to the list of tips below to cut down on the stink created when brewing your homemade weed tea.

  • A great idea when making weed tea is to also use other normal tea, such as green or mint tea. If you brew these teas and add some weed to them, their aroma might be enough to cover up the weed smell, or at least to change it enough to make it unrecognizable.
  • Another good way to cover up the weed smell when brewing weed tea is to use weed that doesn’t have too many terpenes and doesn’t smell too strong to begin with.
  • Of course, you can always use a variety of air fresheners to try to hide the smell as best as you can.
  • A lot of the smell is going to come from the vapors being released by the weed tea as it boils. Therefore, turn on your kitchen hood exhaust to suck up as much of that weed smelling steam as possible.
  • You can always brew some tea in mason jars with the lid on to try to control the smell, or even better, use a small camping stove and go make the tea outdoors.

What Is Fermented Weed Tea?

Ok, so this is a confusing topic because Google is full of articles on fermented weed tea, which for those of you who do not know, has nothing to do with cannabis.

This is a practice of submerging weeds and random plants in water, letting them sit, and forcing them to ferment. Now, what is even more interesting to note is that fermented weed tea is not actually a drink, but used as an organic fertilizer.

Can You Put Wax In Tea?

If you have a bunch of cannabis wax, shatter, or anything else of the sort laying around, you might be wondering if you can use this to make weed tea.

The answer here is that it depends on whether or not it has already been decarbed. If the weed wax or concentrate has already been decarbed, then you can simply pop it into the water and drink it.

If you really wanted to, you could eat decarbed cannabis concentrates as is and still get high. However, if the wax has not been decarbed, then your weed tea won’t have any effect, that is unless you let it simmer on low heat for at least 30 minutes, therefore effectively decarbing the cannabis wax before consumption.

Do’s & Don’t Of THC Tea

Let’s go over some quick do’s and don’ts of making and consuming THC cannabis tea.


  • Make sure that the weed is decarbed, either by doing so beforehand or allowing the tea to simmer.
  • Always coat the weed in oil or butter before making weed tea, as THC is not water soluble.
  • Always simmer the tea on low heat but don’t let it fully boil, as this can be hot enough to destroy the THC.
  • Always start slow with weed tea and try to make it fairly weak the first time around.
  • Always use real and fresh buds to make weed tea, as this will produce the best results.


  • Never make weed tea without covering the weed in some kind of oil that the THC can be absorbed into.
  • Never drink more than one cup of weed tea in a 90 minute timeframe, as edibles of all kinds can take quite a while to affect you.
  • Don’t use stems and leaf trimmings to make weed tea, as the result will taste bad and not contain much THC.


There you have it folks, virtually everything that you need to know about making your own weed tea. It can be quite tasty, it’s nice on a cold day, and it can definitely get you sky high too.


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