Eating A Cough Drop Before Smoking Weed

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If you smoke weed, you know that it can really hurt your throat. Smoking one too many joints can result in a really sore throat, and that’s not fun for anybody. So, what about eating a cough drop before smoking weed? Does it do anything?

Eating a cough drop before getting high might provide your throat with the protection you need to not cough as much while you smoke, there is also a good chance it can help prevent dry mouth.

eating a cough drop before smoking weed


What Happens When You Eat A Cough Drop Before Getting High?

There are a few things that might happen when you eat a cough drop before getting high, so let’s take a look.

1. Less Coughing

That hot smoke can be really harsh on your throat and make you cough really bad. When you smoke a big enough blunt, you might just be coughing more than you smoke.

That said, cough drops generally contain ingredients that numb your throat or at least numb it partially. Therefore, when you smoke after having the cough drop, you won’t feel that hot smoke as much, and you won’t cough nearly as much.

It’s simply going to make it a lot easier to smoke without coughing the whole time.

2. No More Sore Throat

Not only does smoking weed make you cough, but it can also lead to a sore throat, especially if you smoke enough of it.

However, if you eat a cough drop before smoking weed, it’s going to numb your throat and prevent a sore throat from occurring, particularly while you are smoking.

It might even be able to add a layer of protection to your throat to prevent a sore throat from occurring after you have smoked.

Of course, you can always have a cough drop after you smoke as well, to take care of any slight soreness that was caused by smoking weed.

3. You Might Get Less High from the Weed

Another thing that might happen if you have a cough drop before smoking weed is that you might not get quite as high from the weed itself.

This is actually related to the fact that you won’t be coughing as much due to having eaten that cough drop.

The thing is that when you smoke weed and you cough really hard, your brain doesn’t get as much oxygen while you cough, and then gets a rush of blood when you are done.

This generally leads to people getting much higher when they cough. Therefore, if you don’t cough as much, the weed might not get you quite as high.

4. You Could Get High From The Cough Drop

Although you might not get quite as high from the weed because you’re not coughing as much, if you eat enough cough drops before you smoke weed, you might feel a different high altogether.

There are a few different over the counter cough drops that contain ingredients such as benzocaine, lidocaine, and Novocain, all of which can make you feel quite high if you eat enough of them.

However, just be aware that you shouldn’t eat too many because there is such a thing as overdosing on these medical ingredients.

5. It Could Stop Dry Mouth

Another thing that often happens when you smoke weed is that you get a very dry mouth. However, if you have a cough drop, it’s going to add a layer of lubrication to the mix.

It might not make a huge difference, but it might help prevent your mouth from going super dry after having smoked that weed.

Is It A Good Idea To Eat A Cough Drop Before Smoking Weed?

Generally speaking, yes, it could be a good idea to eat a cough drop before smoking weed. You’re still going to get high from the weed, which is especially the case if you don’t usually cough too much anyway.

Moreover, it will help prevent your mouth from drying out, you from coughing too much, and you from getting a sore throat.

Having a cough drop before you smoke weed can definitely make the whole experience a bit more enjoyable.

That being said, just remember not to eat too many cough drops that have strong medications in them, because eventually, it is possible to overdose.



Although you definitely shouldn’t be eating a whole pack of cough drops a day, eating one or two before smoking a joint or a big bong rip isn’t going to kill you.

In fact, it can make this whole smoking experience a bit more enjoyable by taking a bit of the harshness away from the equation.


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