Edibles Not Working After 3 Hours? Here’s Why

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If you consumed some marijuana edibles, they should kick in anywhere about 30 to 120 minutes after consuming them. If your edibles are not working after three hours, there may be some simple explanations.

So why are my edibles not working after 3 hours?

The common cause is that you have simply eaten weak edibles that don’t have enough THC in them to get you high. It could also be that the edibles haven’t been made correctly so the actual THC wasn’t activated when they were being made, meaning they can’t get you high.

Other causes could be that you have a very fast metabolism or the edible was too dense so your body couldn’t break it down.

Let’s take a look through all the common causes, and what you should do if your edibles simply aren’t working.


edibles not working after 3 hours

Can It Take 3 Hours For Edibles To Work?

There are very rare occasions where it can take up to three hours or longer for edibles to work, although this generally isn’t normal.

For the most part, the human body takes anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours to process that THC and CBD.

If you still aren’t high after three hours since consuming the marijuana edibles, chances are that you aren’t going to get high at all, or that you’ve already felt what little high you’re going to feel.

Yes, there are some instances where it might take up to three hours, but it’s really not normal at all.

Generally speaking, up to 90 minutes is normal. Any longer than that, and there are probably some issues.

Reasons Why Your Edibles Are Not Working After 3 Hours

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As you’re about to find out, there are a few different reasons as to why the edibles haven’t hit you after three hours.

1. The Edibles Weren’t Made Properly

One of the biggest reasons why the edibles haven’t hit you yet is because they are bad edibles.

When you make edibles, THC oil or extract of sorts is used. If this oil or extract, or even raw bud, was not processed properly, the THC won’t have been activated, and therefore you won’t get high.

Marijuana, whether we are talking about raw flower, or turning that flower into oil, needs to first be decarboxylated in the oven in order to activate the THC.

If the edibles were made with marijuana or oil that was never decarboxylated, it won’t get you high at all. Yes, it might still taste like weed, but the THC hasn’t been activated.

2. The Edibles Are Weak

Maybe the marijuana was properly processed before having been turned into edibles, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a lot of it present.

If you can’t feel the weed after three hours after consuming it, it might just be that you’ve eaten very weak edibles that don’t have much THC in them.

Sure, it doesn’t take much THC to get someone high, especially a beginner. That said, there are some unscrupulous salesman and dispensaries out there that have no problems advertising that their edibles having far more THC content than they actually do.

3. Your Tolerance Is Too High

Another reason why you might not be feeling the edibles after three hours is because you have that very high tolerance.

If you have been smoking weed or consuming edibles for years on end, especially on a daily basis, then chances are that you have a very high tolerance.

In other words, the edibles you ate might have just not been strong enough to actually get you high. So, if this is the case, the next time, getting stronger edibles.

4. Your Metabolism Is Very Fast

One of the likeliest reasons why the edibles aren’t getting high, it is a possibility that your metabolism is extremely fast.

For instance, if you’ve been doing a lot of exercising and haven’t eaten at all, then your metabolism is going to be fairly high.

That said, some people just have much faster metabolisms than others. Since your metabolism is very fast, the food might actually work through your system too quickly, before the THC can be processed.

Simply put, your body might actually poop out all that valuable THC before it gets a chance to absorb it.

5. The Edible Worked Its Way Through You Too Quickly

Related to the above point about metabolism, it may just be the case that the weed edibles work their way through your system way too quickly, or in other words, you expelled them out your backside before your body could absorb the THC.

This is often the case if you haven’t eaten anything for a prolonged period of time, which then makes your body process anything you eat really quickly.

If you haven’t eaten anything before or after the edible, chances are that it’s just going to work its way through your system far too quickly.

If you have a completely empty stomach for far too long, your body might not take the time to properly digest the food to the point where it can absorb the THC.

6. The Edible Was Too Dense

It may also be the case that the edible you consumed was far too dense, in your body didn’t really have the opportunity to break it down.

Yes, this is related to the above points, because your body needs time to breakdown that THC and absorb it.

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What To Do If Your Edibles Are Not Working

Let’s go over some valuable tips on what you should do if your edibles are not working.

1. Get Stronger Edibles

If you think that the reason for you not getting high from the edibles is that they just weren’t strong enough, then the obvious solution is to get stronger edibles that contain more THC.

Just be sure that the reason you didn’t get high from the previous edibles is that they didn’t have enough THC for your system.

If they did have enough THC, but there’s a different reason for not getting high, and then you take edibles that are twice it’s strong as the previous ones, you’re going to blow yourself out of the water.

2. Eat More Edibles

Just like you could eat much stronger edibles, you could also just eat more of them. With that being said, the issue is the same as above.

If you don’t actually know that the edibles weren’t strong enough for you, then this can be risky. Worst case scenario is that you end up eating way too much THC in the next time and get way too high for your own good.

3. Change Your Supplier

If you think that there was just something wrong with the marijuana edibles, like they weren’t made properly, then you can always try changing your suppliers or going through a different dispensary.

Maybe the people who made your edibles just didn’t know what they were doing. If they didn’t process the marijuana properly and decarboxylated it before making the edibles, they’ll probably do the same thing the next time.

4. Eat Beforehand

To make sure that the edibles don’t make their way through your body too quickly, too quickly through your body to process the THC, a good idea is to eat a decent meal about an hour before eating the edibles.

This will give your body something else to digest and will slow down your digestive system, therefore giving the THC a chance to be processed and absorbed by your body.

5. Make Them Yourself

If you think that there was something wrong with the edibles or that they weren’t strong enough, a good idea to just make your own edibles.

Making edibles isn’t all that difficult, and if you know what you’re doing, you can control everything to your own liking.

How Long Should It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

Generally speaking, depending on your size, metabolism, and how strong the edibles are that you ate, it should take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes for the edibles to kick in, or up to 120 minutes for some.

However, if you don’t feel your edibles after three hours, chances are that it is due to one of the reasons mentioned above.


There you have it folks, all of the possible reasons as to why your edibles aren’t working after such a long period of time. Just try changing your suppliers, maybe up the dosage of the THC, or even make your own edibles.


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