Fake Moon Rock Weed? How To Tell

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Moon rocks are a very special type of marijuana, or to be clear, a combination of different types of cannabis, which are rolled into one heck of a combination. Moon rocks are some of the strongest types of marijuana that you could possibly consume.

However, there is such a thing as fake moon rock weed, but how do you tell if you have fake or real rock weed?

Real moon rock weed should have an extremely potent smell, be very sticky (when pulled apart), and should have plenty of information provided by the dispensary or retailer about the marijuana, oil it is dipped in, or the kief.

Fake moon rock weed doesn’t smell strong, is dry when pulled apart, is usually too sticky on the outside, and most importantly doesn’t get you as high as it should.

Let’s take a closer look into what moon rocks are exactly, how they are made, and the 6 ways to determine real vs fake.

fake moon rock weed

What Are Moon Rocks?

Exactly where it moon rocks got their start is questionable. However, moon rocks are some of the strongest things that you could possibly consume in the world of THC.

Moon rocks are when you take relatively small buds of marijuana and then dip them in hash oil or some kind of THC concentrate, such as a thin THC extract.

This is then rolled in kief, or in other words, the THC crystals that comes from the outside of marijuana. For the most part, a strain known as GSC is used to produce moon rocks, but with that said, any strain will usually do.

The important part is that the marijuana bud is dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief.

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

One of the reasons why so many people love moon rocks, and why they are so expensive, is because they are extremely potent.

Of course, exactly how potent moon rocks art will depend on the strain that is used, the hat soil, and the quality of the keef, as well as who made them.

However, generally speaking, you can expect moon rocks to contain somewhere around 50% THC, which is very strong, more than your average bud.

Just for a reference point, most marijuana buds will average somewhere between 15% and 20% THC, therefore making moonrocks anywhere between two and three times stronger than your average marijuana bud.

How To Tell If Moon Rock Is Real Or Fake

Seeing as real moon rocks go for such a high price, it is not uncommon for retailers to sell fake moon rocks or subpar moon rocks.

Let’s now take a closer look at how you can tell whether or not a moonrock is fake.

1. Not Much Info About Them

One of the easiest ways to tell if your moon rocks are fake is not even by looking at them at all. Rather, you want to see exactly what kind of information is provided about them by your dispensary or retailer.

If the dispensary or retailer in question is extremely vague about the moon rocks and doesn’t provide you with much information about the marijuana underneath, the oil it is dipped in, or the kief it is rolled in, you can probably assume that it’s not quite the real thing.

You want exact details about the moon rocks that you have, including details about all three of the main components.

2. They Don’t Smell Strongly

Moon rocks are made with high quality marijuana that is then dipped in high quality hash oil, which is enrolled in high quality kief, moon rocks generally have an extremely potent smell and flavor.

You should be able to smell them through the bag or container that you have. When you touch them, they should be very strong odor on your fingers.

That said, if you notice that your moon rocks don’t have a strong scent, you can probably assume that they aren’t real.

If they have a very weak scent, although they might not be fake per se, they probably weren’t made with the highest quality of materials.

3. They Are Dry When Pulled Apart

Another easy way to tell if you have fake moon rocks is to actually try pulling them apart. When you go to pull apart a moon rock, you should notice that it is extremely sticky.

You might even notice that there are small strands of hash oil that connect the various parts of the moon rocks being pulled apart, not unlike melted cheese on a piece of pizza.

If properly done, that hash oil should penetrate almost right through to the middle of the marijuana bud. All of that oil should be extremely sticky.

If you notice that your moon rocks are extremely dry, and they aren’t sticky, then chances are that they are either fake or very low quality.

4. They Are Too Sticky on The Outside

Another way to tell is if the outside of the moon rocks is way too sticky.

If the outside of the moon rocks are way too sticky, it means that they were probably dipped in some kind of oil or concentrate, but they weren’t properly rolled in kief.

Good moon rocks should be rolled in Keith to the point where they are fairly dry to the touch. They should not be sticky. Not hash oil should be covered by a thick layer of kief.

Although they might not be fake per SE, the retailer may have cheaped out and not put enough kief on the outside.

5. If the Outer Layer is Rough or Coarse

To tell if moon rocks are fake, you need to look at the outer layer. At this point, you should know what the difference between kief and actual ground up marijuana looks like.

Kief is going to be much smoother, more powdery, and shiny too, whereas normal marijuana might not be as smooth or shiny.

If you see that the outside isn’t covered in real kief, then you don’t have real moon rocks.

6. They Don’t Get You As High as They Should

The last way to tell is simply by smoking them and seeing how they hit you.

If you are smoking moonrocks, you should already be experienced enough with marijuana to tell exactly how high they should get you.

Generally speaking, they should get you much higher than marijuana alone, and should even get you higher than smoking hash.

If you smoke one gram of moon rocks and it gets you about as high as smoking one gram of marijuana, then you can easily tell that they are fake.

How Are Fake Moon Rocks Made?

There are different ways in which fake moon rocks can be made. One of the most common ways to make fake moon rock is by using a subpar concentrate or marijuana oil to get the marijuana bud end.

For instance, some kind of low quality hash oil might have been used. Moreover, moonrocks might have even been made using oil that has nothing to do with THC at all.

If you notice that they don’t have much of a scent, and don’t get you high, then you can rest assured that the oil used to get the marijuana bud was not high quality or even real at all.

Fake moon rocks are also made by rolling the dipped marijuana in a simple flower that has been grounded up.

In other words, instead of very shiny and crystal heavy kief being used to roll the bud in, the fake moon rocks might have just been rolled in normal marijuana, or even in trimmings.

If you notice that the outside of the marijuana bud is very rough, and doesn’t look smooth and powdery, then it’s likely fake.


Where you had a folks, everything you need to know about moon rocks and spotting whether or not they are fake. Your best bet is simply to go to a high quality retailer.


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