How Do You Make Bubble Hash

How Do You Make Bubble Hash: Guide

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Have you ever wanted to do more with your weed than just smoke it? Yeah, edibles are great, but have you ever tried making hash? Hash is a processed form of weed, which ends up being much more potent, several times more potent, due to the process through which it is turned from weed to hash. However, today we are not talking about normal hash, but bubble hash. So, how do you make bubble hash? and what is it?

The short answer is: Bubble hash is made through a cold filtering and mixing process, where you use cold water and ice to more or less freeze the THC out of the plant matter, and then extract it using special micron bags. It sounds a bit complicated, but it is actually foolproof and super easy. It takes a couple hours at least, but the results are well worth the wait and the work.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a special type of hash that does not require any heat, solvents, or pressing to make. You see, the difference here is that good old hash is made by taking the weed crystals, baking them, and then pressing them together, over and over again, until that green pot powder turns into a sticky icky brown block of hash.

Moreover, you can also make concentrates, weed oil, shatter, dabs, and everything in between, but these all require some form or combination of heat, pressing, or solvents. Solvents can be problematic, as they are added to your weed to extract the THC oil, but solvents can end up being hazardous to health if not handled properly.

On the other hand, bubble hash is made without the use of solvents, there is no need for pressing, and you do not need heat either. Bubble hash is actually made through a process that involves the use of lots of cold water and ice, a lot of mixing, and these special bubble hash micro-fiber bags. Together, the ice water and the bags allow you to separate the crystals and THC concentrate from the main part of the ground up marijuana.

It might sound a bit confusing, but we will take you through an easy step by step process shortly. What is nice about bubble hash is that you don’t really need any special tools or knowledge, besides some basic stuff.

Although it is not rocket science, you can still end up with bubble hash that has a THC potency upwards of 60%, which is just as strong, if not stronger, than regular baked hash, as long as you do it right of course.

Materials You Will Need To Make Bubble Hash

Now, there are a few materials that you will need to gather in order to make bubble hash. Most of the things we will list here are mandatory and you won’t be able to make bubble hash without them.

Besides one single special thing you need to make bubble hash, everything else is super cheap, easy to find, and you probably have most of this stuff lying around your home anyway.

So, what materials do you need to make bubble hash?


You are going to need 2 buckets for this task. You should aim for either 1 gallon or 5 gallon buckets. 1 gallon buckets are fine for up to 2 ounces of cannabis, and the 5 gallon bucket are good for up to 8 ounces.

It depends on how much bubble hash you plan to make. One bucket will be used for all of the filtering, and the other bucket is used to hold the bubble hash bags and the weed mixture, something we will explain more in the instructional below.

5 Micron Bags

Ok, so this is that one single special thing we were talking about. In order to make bubble hash, you need a set of micron bags, ideally 5 of them. These are very fine micro mesh bags, kind of like highly specialized cheesecloth.

You can get a set of 3, but we would recommend a set of 5. Each bag gets finer and finer in nature, and therefore filters out finer crystals each time you remove a bag.

The more bags you have, and the finer the mesh gets with each bag, the higher quality your final result will be.

2 Micron Pressing Screens

Ok, so we might have lied just a little bit, because you do need 1 other special thing in order to make bubble hash, which is a set of 2 micron pressing screens.

These are kind of like the micro mesh bags, but instead of bags, they are flat mesh screens that you will use to dry the bubble hash once it is made.

Weed or Trimmings

Of course, to make bubble hash, you are going to need some nice weed or trimmings. Now, some people decide to use the plant trimmings after they have harvested the buds from their plants, but beware that trimmings do not contain much THC, so this bubble hash won’t be very potent.

However, if you want to invest some extra cash and make some really potent and high quality bubble hash, you will want to use high grade weed, actual weed, not just trimmings.

Keep in mind that 1 ounce of trimmings will make about 1 gram of bubble hash, but if you use real cannabis, you should get about twice as much bubble hash from an ounce of cannabis.

Ice & Water

You are going to need between 10 and 20 pounds of ice to make bubble hash. Homemade ice will do just fine for this.

You are also going to need a few gallons of water. Home tap water is also just fine for this. You can use purified water and ice, but it is expensive and not necessary.


This can be a messy and wet process in more ways than one, so you definitely want to have a few old towels in your arsenal. Use old towels for this. Don’t go buying new ones.

Mixing Spoon

You are going to need a long mixing spoon, either wood or metal is fine, in order to mix the weed mixture around in the ice water.

We would recommend metal or treated wood, as untreated wood may absorb some of the THC.

How To Make Bubble Hash: Step By Step Guide

Now that we have figured out exactly what is needed to make bubble hash, let’s get to it and actually make it. Do keep in mind that this process is not very hard at all, and only requires basic skills.

However, it is a fairly long process. If you plan on making lots of bubble hash, you will want to set aside a good few hours.

1. Set Up Your Work Area

First off, you want to get everything ready to go. This means having your micro bags ready to go, the water the buckets, the buckets a foot apart, and your pot or trimmings finely ground up and ready to go.

Also place your towels under the bucket and the micron screen. Just have everything set up in a way that makes sense to you and makes the process easier.

2. Lining The Buckets With The Micron Bags

The next step in the bubble hash making process is to select which bucket you will use for the weed and ice mixture, which is where the Micron bags need to go.

Here you will start with the smallest or finest mesh micron bag and line the bucket with it, like a garbage bag going into a trash bin.

Keep repeating this process, putting one bag into the other, until you have the largest bag in the bucket. Make sure that the finest mesh bag is in the bottom, and that the largest or least fine mesh bag is at the top.

You will have to remove the larger bags as the process goes on, until you are left with the smallest one.

3. Filling The Top Bag With Ice & Weed

Now it is time to start the actual process. Take your trimming or weed that have been finely chopped or ground up, and put some in the bottom of the back. Make a layer about ¼ to ½ inch thick, and the cover it with a layer of ice.

Keep repeating this process until you have filled the bucket with layers of weed and ice right to the top. Keep in mind that the final top layer should always be the ice.

The reason for the ice by the way, is because freezing the trichomes, which is where that good THC is, makes it easy to separate from the rest of the plant material.

4. Fill The Bucket With Water

Pour water into the bucket until it is about 2 inches from the top. Try to fill it up more or less all the way, but not so much that you spill any when mixing with the spoon, as you can thus spill valuable THC.

Now, put this whole thing in the fridge for about 30 minutes so everything can get really cold.

5. Stirring The Mix

Now that everything is set up and ready to go, you need to take that big wooden or metal spoon and start mixing. You need to do this slowly and carefully so you do not spill anything.

You also do not want to cause plant matter from the largest micron bag to spill over the top into the finer bags, as this will decrease the quality of the final bubble hash.

You want to stir for a very minimum of 15 minutes, at the very least. You want there to be a good, thick, sludgy, green mix present when you are done.

The longer you stir for, the more of the THC and those good crystals you will force through the top bag and into the finer ones, which is what you want.

Some people who have ample time will stir for up to 1 hour.

6. Straining Your Bags

Now it is time to strain the bags and collect all of that beautiful THC resin which has been extracted from the plant matter, which will then be dried into bubble hash.

First off, slowly remove the top bag with the main plant matter in it, slowly letting the water drain into the bags below. This plant matter is now useless as everything has been extracted.

If you want to make the most out of it, really squeeze out the top bag and the plant matter and let as much water and resin as possible drain out into the bags below.

Remove this top bag. Now, there are two ways to go about this next step, especially if you have 5 bags.

6A: Method

First, if you choose, you can use a metal spoon to start collecting the resin, that greenish sludge, out of each and every micron bag.

Push it all to the middle and scoop it out, remove the bag, do it for the next bag, and so on and so forth until you have collected all of the resin from all of the bags.

Do keep in mind that the finer bags will have the better quality resin, with the bottom and finest bag having the most potent THC content.

SO, if you are going for quantity, collecting all of the resin from all bags is what you want to do.

6B: Method

If however you want your bubble hash to be as potent as possible, you can use a spoon to keep pressing the green resin sludge through each bag, and then eliminating or throwing out (or saving), whatever content does not get pushed through to the next bag.

Keep repeating this for each bag until you are only left with the smallest one. This will be the really potent bubble hash.

7. Collecting & Drying The Resin

What we did not mention above, whether you follow the step 6A or 6B method, each time you collect the resin, you need to use a spoon or a plastic credit card to carefully scoop it out.

Take your micron screens, or cheesecloth if necessary, and put all of the resin into it. Some people just let it dry for days until the water is gone, but some people also use the cheesecloth to squeeze as much moisture out as possible, although it will still need to dry after.

8. Drying The Hash

The final step in this process is to dry the hash. Put the hash on a piece of cardboard and store it in a dry place for 4 to 7 days, depending on how dry your climate is and how much water you managed to squeeze out.

The cardboard will absorb the remainder of the liquid, and now you are left with finished bubble hash.

9. Repeating All Of The Above (Optional)

DO keep in mind that your original plant mixture will still have some resin and THC in it, so if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you can repeat this whole process once, or even twice more, in order to extract as much of that awesome THC resin as humanly possible.

We have covered the difference between hash and weed on a separate article here, incase you are wondering.


There you have it folks, the easiest and fastest way to make bubble hash. You don’t need to spend much money for the materials, and if you have an afternoon off, it’s more than enough time to get it done. This kind of hash can be dabbed, smoked, vaporized, or whatever else suits your fancy. Keep in mind that it can be quite potent, so start small!