How Much Weed Does One Plant Produce?

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So, you are starting to grow some of your own weed at home, and yeah, it’s a lot of fun and super rewarding as well. However, something you might be wondering is, how much weed does one plant produce?

In general, you can expect anywhere from 28 to 1,000 grams of pot yielded per weed plant.

The reason why there is such a discrepancy in that number above is because there are plenty of different factors which can and to affect the overall yield, so let’s talk about each of these right now.

How Much Can One Weed Plant Yield?

When it comes to your weed plants, what is the average yield of a one cannabis plant?As we mentioned before, there are various factors which can affect this.

First, we want to talk about soil vs hydro yields, indoor vs outdoor, and auto flowering vs photoperiod weed plant yields.

Soil vs Hydroponic Weed Yields

If you grow weed indoors the hydroponic pay, you can really control the amount of nutrients they get, and controlling the lighting is not too difficult either.

Generally speaking, you will get a much higher yield from a hydroponic grow than a soil grow.

With a hydroponic grow op, from a single plant (with a 600 watt HPS grow light), you can expect a yield of about 720 grams or 25 ounces.

If you use the same nutrients and lights, but are growing indoors in soil, you can expect to yield roughly 600 grams or 21 ounces of bud from a single weed plant.

Indoor vs Outdoor Growing

Something else to keep in mind here is that indoor grown weed plants are going to produce higher yields than outdoor grown weed plants.

As mentioned above, depending on whether you grow using soil or hydroponically, you can get anywhere from 600 to 720 grams of weed per pot plant.

However, when grown outdoors, the yields are usually a bit lower, which is because you cannot control the environment all that well.

When it comes to growing outdoors, you can expect a single marijuana plant to yield up to 500 grams of bud, if everything goes as planned, although this could also be a lot less.

Photoperiod vs Auto Flowering Plant Yields

The other big comparison to keep in mind is that there are different types of weed plants out there. There are two main kinds in this regard, photoperiod and auto flowering.

Photoperiod weed plants are normal ones which you have to switch the light schedule to make them flower, and yes, these can produce the same amounts which we have described above.

On the other hand, you have your auto flowering weed plants, which will begin flowering on their own, they take much less time to grow to maturity, but they also produce much less weed.

You can expect an average indoor auto flowering weed plant to produce a maximum of 120 grams of bud per plants, or a little over 4 ounces.

That said, this type of weed plant is much easier to deal with and they grow a heck of a lot faster too.

6 Factors Which Affect Marijuana Plant Yields

Alright, so we have discussed the differences between growing weed in soil vs hydroponically, indoor vs outdoor, and auto flowering vs photoperiod weed plants too, but are there also other factors which can affect the yield you will get from a weed plant?

Yes, some of these other factors include the type, quality, and amount of light your plants get, the soil and/or nutrients you use, pests and disease, ventilation, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at each factor which may affect your overall yield per plant.

1. Lighting

One of the biggest factors which is going to affect how much a single pot plant yields when all is said and one, is the quality and amount of light your plants get.

Generally speaking, a skilled grower should be able to yield about 1 gram of weed per watt of light produced to each plant.

So, an indoor plant with a 600 watt HPS grow light should produce roughly 600 grams, if all else goes well of course.

HPS and metal halide grow lights (we have compared them here, if you are interested) tend to produce the higher yields, and while LED grow lights are fine, the yields which they produce are not spectacular.

You need the right kind and the right strength of lights to get the highest yields possible.

2. Soil & Nutrients

Another factor which will affect just how much weed you get from a single plant is what kind of soil (if you are using soil), and what kind of nutrients, and the amount of nutrients you are providing your plants with.

Keep in mind that there are the NPK nutrients to think about here, the 3 main nutrients which weed plants need to produce the best yields possible.

Be sure to provide them with the right nutrients, the right amounts of each, and at the right times too. Either too many or too few nutrients can drastically reduce final yields.

If you need help with picking the right soil then see our helpful guide here.

3. Temperature & Humidity

Temperature and humidity may be two separate factors per say, but they are related to a certain degree.

Either way, the temperature and humidity of the surrounding area, whether indoor or out, will affect your overall yield.

Be sure to always maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels whenever possible, both for the vegetation and flowering phases of pot growth.

If the air around the pot plants is too humid or dry, or too hot or cold, you will reduce the yields you get,

4. Pests & Disease

Of course, pests and diseases, which do occur more often than one would like, are also going to play a big difference here.

If you notice any kind of pests or diseases affecting your weed plants, you need to take care of them as soon as humanly possible, or else you will put your weed plants in jeopardy.

5. Watering

Moreover, the next factor which can greatly affect the overall yield of a single weed plant is how much water you provide them with.

Either too little or too much water can make quite the difference here. Get some tools to ensure that the soil is always at the proper wetness, and make sure to develop a solid watering schedule too.

6. Sativa vs Indica

The final thing to keep in mind here is that sativa weed plants tend to produce just a little bit less weed than indica plants.

The difference may be negligible here, but there is one nonetheless. An indica plant may produce a few percent more final buds on average than a sativa plant, and they tend to be denser and heavier too.


There you have it folks, everything you need to know about how much weed your marijuana plants are going to yield.

We would recommend growing hydroponically indoors, use a photoperiod strain, make sure it is an indica, and provide your plants with the right nutrients and type of lighting for the very best results and the highest yields.


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