How To Hide Weed In Your Room

How To Hide Weed In Your Room (The Smart Way)

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No, we aren’t here to tell you whether or not you should be smoking weed, if you should possess it, or do it if it’s illegal. This is all completely beside the point. Regardless of your situation, what we are here to talk about is how to hide weed in your room.

This is for all of you out there who have parents, room mates, or significant others which for one reason or another don’t approve of your weed smoking habit.

If you want to hide weed in your room, finding a smell proof and indiscreet container, along with the right location, can make the difference between you getting away scot-free or being busted.

Hiding the Smell Is Key

One of the most important aspects of hiding weed in your room is to not only hide it from sight, but to hide it from the nose as well.

Sure, as a pot smoker, you may not be able to smell a few buds stashed away in your room. However, somebody who doesn’t smoke is going to have a much easier time smelling that sticky icky.

Heck, even when hidden out of sight, if somebody can still smell the marijuana, it’s game over for you. So, how do you hide the smell of weed in your room?

Airtight Containers

Perhaps the best way to hide the smell of weed in your room is to use an airtight container, something with relatively thick walls and a lid that seals tight.

This could be a good old Tupperware container, a mason jar, or anything else of the sort.

As long as the walls are thick enough to contain the smell, along with an airtight lid, then you should be just fine.

Airtight Plastic Bags

The next go to option would be to use a plastic bag of sorts to hide the smell. Now, what you need to be aware of here is that thin plastic bags, like disposable shopping bags or even thin sandwich bags won’t do the trick.

Sure, they might work fine for some really low quality pot that doesn’t have much of a smell, but for the most part they will still let the smell through.

If you plan on using an average bag, be prepared to layer up, like 4 or 5 good layers, and even that sometimes won’t contain the stink of the sticky icky.

If using a plastic bag, a large and thick Ziploc bag is the way to go, and we would still recommend using 2 layers.

That said, you can go the professional way and buy a special smell proof bag designed to hide strong weed smells, although that will cost you.

Using Scent Maskers

Something you can try doing to really cut back on the smell, no matter what you have your weed stored in, is to use some kind of scent masking agent.

Some people choose to keep bundle of strong smelling herbs inside of their weed bag, some people use banana peels. Generally speaking, anything you can store with your weed to hide the smell is ideal.

However, something we would not recommend doing is using some kind of scent spray like Febreze or any kind of body spray (we have covered our favorite sprays to get rid of the weed smell on a separate article here).

Generally speaking, the smell of the spray will mix with the smell of the weed and produce a funky mix, a mix where the smell of pot can still be recognized, even through that fresh laundry lavender air freshener.

Discreet & Hidden Containers

Something you can always try using to hide your weed in your room is a discreet container, with the best options being those specifically made to hide weed.

These can take the form of soda cans, hair spray cans, boxes of food, and anything in between. These are containers with hidden compartments designed for hiding weed in plain sight.

The best still function, or in other words, there are hair spray and deodorant bottle out there which actually contain what they are supposed to contain, and can even dispense the spray, but then also have a hidden container in the bottom, or anywhere else, which is designed to hold some marijuana, or really anything else that needs hiding.

Choosing The Right Location

Finally, in order to really hide the weed in your room as good as can possibly be, you do also need to find the right hiding spot. Location is essential.

The Back of a Closet

Many people will hide their weed in the back of a closet, preferably under some old junk or clothes that nobody is going to look through.

Putting your weed on the front shelf of a closet, right at eye level, obviously is not going to be the best choice.

The Laundry Basket

This one works well if you do your own laundry. Simply bury the weed in some dirty laundry in the middle of the laundry hamper.

Sure, it might not be overly appealing, but unless mommy still does your laundry for you, nobody is ever going to look through stinky underwear and crusty socks in the hope of finding your stash.

Under the Mattress Sheet

Ok, so don’t go hiding your weed under the bed or under the mattress. That’s a newbie move. People looking for your belongings will check there first.

However, between the sheet and the mattress is a different story. Somebody would have to rip your bed apart to find it.

If you happen to have a mattress that opens up with a zipper, this would also do fine.

In an Air Vent

If you have your weed hidden in an airtight and smell proof container, taking the grate off an air vent in the wall or floor, and hiding your weed there is an option too.

Unless the people you are hiding it from are going to search your room as thoroughly as the guards do in a prison shakedown, then nobody is going to find it.

If you do this, be sure that the container is airtight, because you don’t want the air from the vent blowing pot stink into your room, or worse, throughout the rest of the house.

Inside a Game or Movie Case

If you have just a bit of weed in a plastic bag, not too much, and you have some old movie or video game cases, those make for prime hiding spots too.

The game case, depending on the quality, may also hide some of the smell.

Hidden in a Pair of Socks

Another option for hiding your weed in your room is to hide it inside of a pair of socks.

You know when you put sock away, you put your hand into one sock, to the toe, then grab the toe of the matching sock, and pull them into each other.

When you do this, put some weed in the middle!


The bottom line is that hiding weed is really not all that hard, but it does need to be done right.

We would recommend getting a thick smell proof container to start, then go from there.