How To Rehydrate Weed: 6 Proven Methods

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If you let your weed dry out for far too long, then it’s not going to be enjoyable to smoke. Dried out weed doesn’t taste right, it feels very harsh, and it burns way too quickly. There is also the fact that dried out weed also loses a lot of its potency.

Well, there are actually a number of different methods for rehydrating weed. Some people use distilled water, some people use citrus peels, some people use moist bread, and more.

There are actually six methods to rehydrate your weed that we want to look at today.

What Is Marijuana Rehydration?

rehydrate weed

As the name implies, marijuana rehydration is the process of rehydrating your marijuana once it is far too dry. Yes, marijuana does need to be dried and cured in order to consume it. With that being said, there is such a thing as too dry.

Weed can become too dry if the grower hangs it up for far too long before the curing process. Weed can also become too dry if you haven’t properly stored it.

If you’ve left your weed out in the open, or have left it exposed to plenty of dry air, then it is going to dry out really quickly.

There are a few things that happen when marijuana becomes too dry. For one, it loses most of its trichomes, which means that it loses its aroma and flavor. When it is too dry, it also burns far too quickly, and your joints and blunts won’t burn evenly.

The other thing that happens when marijuana dries out too much is that it loses its overall potency. In some cases, the potency might slightly decrease, whereas in others it might disappear completely.

Simply put, weed that has been left to its own devices and has dried out far too much over a long period of time might not have any effect on you anymore.

Some good news here is that it is possible to rehydrate your marijuana. This essentially involves the process of humidity or moisture exchange.

It involves putting marijuana in an airtight container along with something else that is fairly moist or even wet. The moisture will leave the item in question (which could be a citrus peel, wet bread, or anything else of the sort) and transfer into the marijuana, thus rehydrating the weed.

This will therefore moisten your marijuana to the point where it regains some of its flavor. Not only will it regain some of its flavor and aroma, but it will also burn much slower and more consistently too.

It should also lose some of its harshness, so it doesn’t burn your throat too much either. If your marijuana is properly rehydrated, it also becomes much easier to roll into blunts and joints.

With that being said, something that you do need to realize here is that rehydrating weed will not increase its potency. When the THC and the CBD have diminished due to drying out far too much, it is gone, and no amount of rehydrating your weed will cause the potency to return.

However, you can increase the flavor, make it easier to roll, and make it better to smoke as well.

When Should You Rehydrate Your Weed?

As mentioned before, whether your weed has been left out to dry far too long, or it was already way too dry when you got it due to the grower over drying it, then you should rehydrate it.

In terms of knowing when to rehydrate your marijuana, if it is so dry that it literally crumbles into dust or sand in your fingers, then it is time to rehydrate it.

Moreover, if you notice that it has lost most of its color and turned brown, and has also lost most of its smell and flavor, then it is also time to rehydrate it.

Once again, just keep in mind, that rehydrating your weed will not increase its potency. If the weed still gets you high, but it just doesn’t have any flavor and is far too dry to roll, far too dry to smoke properly, and so dry that it hurts your throat, then you can rehydrate it.

However, if your weed has lost all of its potency, then rehydration will not do you any favors, and the weed should just be thrown away.

How To Rehydrate Your Weed

The good news here is of course that there are several ways to rehydrate your marijuana. Let’s talk about the best ways to rehydrate your marijuana right now.

1. Using Bread

One effective way to rehydrate weed is by using bread. Take a piece of bread and moisten it under your tap just slightly. Take the moistened bread and put it inside of an airtight container along with the dried out marijuana.

Make sure that the bread doesn’t touch the marijuana, or else you will have breadcrumbs on your weed. Let this sit for around three to four hours.

When you come back, the bread should be dry, and weed should be slightly moister.

For the best results, you should repeat this process three or four times at the very least.

2. Using Citrus Peels

Another great way to rehydrate your marijuana is by using citrus peels, or any other kind of fruit peel. You can use orange peels, lime peels, lemon peels, or anything else of this sort. Citrus peels are the fruit peels of choice for this task.

Just be aware that your weed will taste like the citrus peels that you have in the bag with them. Citrus peels can also rot and get moldy, so you don’t want to leave them with your weed for too long.

You may also use banana peels for this task, although they do rot faster, so you do need to be careful.

If you want to ensure that the fruit peels don’t rot too quickly, and that your weed doesn’t take on too much flavor, then apple peels are the way to go.

If we are talking about citrus peels, simply put the marijuana in an airtight container with the citrus peels for a few hours.

This should be enough to do the trick, but if not, you can always repeat the process several times, using new fruit peels every time.

3. Use Distilled Water

Another good method to rehydrate weed is by using distilled water. Take a paper towel and soak it in distilled water, and then place it in the bottom of an airtight container.

Then, place the dried out weed on top of the paper towel, and then seal the container.

You may also put a wet piece of paper towel on top of the marijuana before you seal the container.

This should sufficiently rehydrate your marijuana within anywhere from 4 to 10 hours.

4. Using Freshly Boiled Water

If you want to rehydrate your marijuana very quickly, then using freshly boiled water is the way to go.

Simply take a pot, boil some water, and then place a fabric cloth on top of it. Remove the boiling water from the heat, and then place your marijuana on top of the fabric.

The water vapors still coming off the freshly boiled water should rehydrate your marijuana within about 30 to 60 minutes.

Make sure to keep turning your marijuana around and stirring it every 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that it rehydrates evenly.

5. Using Lettuce

Lettuce consists of about 95% water and is ideal for rehydrating marijuana. All you have to do is to place it in an airtight container or plastic bag along with your dried weed and let it sit for two to three hours.

All of the moisture should transfer from the lettuce into your marijuana.

6. Mixing With Wet Weed

If you happen to have marijuana that is quite wet or sticky, then you can always make a 50/50 mixture with it and the dried out weed.

The moist buds will dry out a little bit, and the dry buds will rehydrate a little bit.

It’s not the best method to go with, especially if you don’t like mixing strains, but it does work in a pinch.


There you have it folks, everything that you need to know about rehydrating your marijuana. Just keep in mind that while you can decrease its harshness, burn backs and flavor, and make it roll and burn better, you won’t be able to increase its potency once it has been lost.


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