Is Smoking Weed While Sick Bad? (Answered)

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Do you have a nasty cold or flu and just feel horrible? Yeah, it’s definitely not a fun time. However, you usually smoke weed, and now that you are sick, you are unsure of what to do. Is smoking weed while sick bad or good, or none of the above?

Realistically, smoking weed while sick probably is not the best, because smoke may make you cough worse than before and also worsen that sore throat. However, there is also evidence to show that weed may combat some cold and flu symptoms. Let’s take a closer look at this issue right here and now.


Some Evidence Suggest Smoking Weed While Sick May Be Good

Alright, so technically speaking, there has been no real research done into this, specifically if there any benefits to smoking weed while sick. Keep in mind that here we are talking about either the common cold or the flu.

However, there has been lots of research done about weed in general, in regards to its beneficial effects on the human body.

When you have a cold, more often than not, you will be coughing, sneezing, have a swollen and sore throat, you might be in pain, and you won’t be able to sleep well either.

Does weed have any benefits in regards to these symptoms? Let’s take a look.

It Can Help People Sleep

What is known about marijuana is that it does make people sleepy and tired, or in other words, it can be a great sleep aid.

Due to the effects of THC, the decreased production of dopamine caused by THC, as well as the effects of terpenes, weed is in fact an amazing sleep aid. This is why many people with insomnia choose to smoke weed.

So, if you have a cold and cannot sleep because of it, yes, weed may very well help you get a better night’s sleep.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Another benefit that marijuana has, which has been proven in various studies, is that it comes with great anti-inflammatory properties.

When you have a cold, inflammation can take the form of swollen nasal passages AKA a stuffed up nose, it can cause your throat to swell, and it can cause fever too.

Although no real medical research has been done in this sense, the fact that weed has anti-inflammatory properties may very well help to relieved a stuffy nose, a swollen throat, and even a fever, to some extent.

The Relief Of Pain

One of the biggest known benefits of marijuana is that it has amazing pain relief effects, which is true for both CBD and THC, the main active ingredients in weed.

If you have pain, which is being caused by a cold or flu, then smoking a bit of weed may very well help to alleviate some of that pain.

Smoking Weed With A Cold & Sore Throat

The Cons & Possible Side Effects

Ok, so now we have covered the various ways in which weed may help you feel better when you have a cold or flu, but there is also some evidence, as well as normal common sense, which tells us the opposite can be true at the same time.

Increased Throat & Lung Irritation

Simply put, human throats and lungs are not designed to smoke. In general smoking is not a good thing. So, if you have an irritated throat and lungs due to a cold, smoking weed will probably end up causing further irritation, which is of course not good.

So, on one hand, the main components in weed are known to alleviate pain and inflammation, but the smoke itself can also cause or worsen pain and irritation, specifically in the throat and lungs, when you have a cold.

If you already have trouble breathing and a bad cough, inhaling hot smoke probably won’t do you any favors.

Immune System Suppression

Now, the research done into this is not all that extensive, but there is some nonetheless.

In some studies, it has been shown that marijuana may suppress the immune system, and yes, therefore relieve some inflammation.

However, inflammation, especially a fever, is a sign that the immune system is working properly in order to fend off various bugs, bacteria, and viruses.

So, the reduced function of the immune system, due to smoking pot, may very well cause your body to have a harder time fighting illness. Once again, the scientific evidence to support this is very inconclusive.

Increased tiredness & Dizziness

Once again, there is also no conclusive scientific research in this regard, but it has been noted, by ourselves and anybody else who has smoked weed while sick with a flu or cold, that the effects of marijuana can combine with flu or cold symptoms to make things much worse.

If you smoke weed while sick, chances are that you will get super drowsy, it can cause confusion, as well as dizziness too. It may also causes increased instances of headaches, chills, and fatigue too.

Is Smoking Weed While Sick Safe?

Technically speaking, there is nothing which would indicate that smoking weed with a cough or flu is inherently unsafe, although as mentioned above, it may irritate or worsen specific symptoms.

That said, not, it’s not going to kill you.

Can I Combine Cold & Flu Medications With Weed?

For the most part, yes, you can combine over the counter cold and flu medications with marijuana.

Now, what you do need to know is that most over the counter flu and cold meds can cause side effects such as dry mouth, sedation, confusion, blurry vision, heart rate alterations, and loss of balance. Smoking weed may very well intensify these side effects.

Moreover, cold and flu medications may also strengthen the psychoactive effects of weed. It’s not like it will kill you or you will die, but worst case scenario, you will feel like you just smoked a quarter of the strongest weed in your life.

It will feel like you are super high. If you don’t smoke a lot of weed, you will probably want to refrain from doing so when on such medications.

If you are a regular smoker, you can still smoke, just maybe not quite as much as you usually would.

Best Ways To Use Cannabis While Sick With A Cold Or Flu

If you want to use marijuana while you have a cold or flu, and want to avoid smoking it to avoid making your throat or lungs even worse, you could just make some weed tea.

You can also combine other forms of tea, such as ginger tea, with the weed tea, as ginger tea is known for being a great cold reliever.



So, the bottom line here is that it is really quite unclear whether it is bad or good to smoke weed while sick with a cold or flu. On one hand, there is evidence to suggest that it may relieve some symptoms, but smoking is smoking, and if your lungs and throat are already irritated, chances are it will just make things worse.

While you can smoke weed while sick, and even have some fun combining with cold medications, be careful and don’t overdo it. It might be better to make some hot and soothing weed tea.


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