Knife Hits: How To Smoke Weed With A Knife

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If you’ve ever heard about people talking about knife hits, otherwise known as hot knives, you might have no idea what these are.

Today, we want to talk all about knife hits and how to smoke weed with a knife, or technically two knives. Yes, it sounds really odd, but it also works really well.

knife hits


What Are Knife Hits?

No matter how weird it sounds, knife hits are definitely a thing, and they’re quite popular actually. A knife hit is when you heat up two metal knives to the point where they are glowing red hot.

This therefore more or less simulates a flame, like you would use to light up your joint. You’re going to take a small bud of weed and place it in between the two knives, where they are the hottest.

The extreme heat from the red hot metal will literally cause the marijuana to combust. Now, the marijuana itself is not actually going to go up into flame, but it will release a whole lot of smoke.

Those hot knives are more than hot enough to decarboxylate all of the THC and CBD, which means that they are active, and also turn them into smoke that you can then inhale.

You just hold your face over where the weed sits in between the two knives and inhale as the smoke is created and released.

Do Knife Hits Work?

Absolutely do hot knives work. Those glowing red hot knives are more than hot enough to activate both the THC and CBD in the marijuana, as well as to cause them to combust into smoke.

Of course, it takes some trial and error, because you have to use the knives to pick up the bud, and then properly position your face over where the smoke is being created, although it does actually work.

With that being said, most people would actually smoke hash with hot knives, not marijuana flower. It’s just a bit easier to use hash with this technique.

What many people also like about hot knives is the fact that it really doesn’t take much marijuana or hash to get high.

It’s a very efficient way of consuming marijuana because those hot knives really crush every last single bit of THC and CBD right out of the bud.

How To Smoke Weed With A Knife

Smoking weed with a knife is actually really easy to do. The first thing that you have to do is to heat up to the knives to the point where they are glowing red.

Of course, you want to heat up the blades of the knives, not the handles, because you have to hold the handles.

Now, the old school way of doing this is actually by placing the knives inside of a coil on your stovetop. You just shove the knives under one section of the coil and have them supported on another section, generally on the outside of the coil so that the handles don’t heat up.

You then just turn on your stove to maximum temperature and then until the knives are glowing hot. However, if you don’t have a coil burner stove, then another thing you can do is to use a blowtorch or propane torch, the same kind that you would use to heat up your dab rig.

Once the knives are glowing hot, you then get a piece of weed and place it in between the two knives and squeeze them together very hard.

Make sure that the bud of weed is around 0.2 to 0.3 grams, and that you have flattened it a bit first.

You want it to look a bit like a little disc before you put it in between the knives. As soon as you squeeze the weed in between the hot knives, smoke will be created, at which point you hold your face over top and inhale.

Just be sure not to hold your face too close to the knives, or else you might burn your lips.

Can You Hot Knife Resin?

Technically speaking you probably could, because resin does still contain THC. With that being said, you first have to ball it up so you can lift it up in between the two knives, and that’s where the difficulty comes in.

Resin is relatively soft, and there is really no good way to ball it up. Yes, if you try hard enough, you can scrape together a bunch of resin and create a small ball or chunk of it, although it’s going to stick to everything you touch.

It’s also really going to stick to your knives and make a huge mess. It’s actually probably going to melt and run all over the place, and when resin melts and gets onto surfaces, it’s nearly impossible to remove.

This is absolutely something we would not recommend doing.


Although it definitely sounds weird, knife hits are fairly popular, they work well, and they certainly get you stoned.


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