Planet Of The Grapes Strain Review

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If you are looking for a new strain of marijuana to smoke, one of the best ones to check out is called Planet of the Grapes. Today, we are here to do an in-depth Planet of the Grapes strain review to let you know exactly what it is all about.

We’re going to talk about who makes it, what it tastes and smells like, what its effects and appearance are like, and much more.

Planet of the Grapes Strain Review


About Ethos Genetics

In the very beginning, the Planet of the Grapes marijuana strain was created by a company known as Ethos Genetics.

Ethos Genetis in North America is one of the leading producers of marijuana. Specifically, this brand specializes in genetic manipulation to create the very heaviest hitting and most potent strains of marijuana around, that had very unique flavors, aromas, and effects.

Ethos Genetics has now been around for many years, and in the world of genetically creating and breathing amazing marijuana strains, they are at the top of the list.

However, as of late, one of the most popular producers of the Planet of the Grapes strains is Hearst Organic, which is under the brand name Shelter Craft.

That said, Ethos Genetics does still produce this strain, and it is indeed quite popular. Let’s move on and take a closer look at what exactly this strain of marijuana is all about.

Planet of the Grapes Strain Review

Let’s take a closer look at this particular strain of marijuana to see exactly what kind of taste, smell, appearance, and effect it has on the body.

Let’s keep in mind that the Planet of the Grapes strain is generally considered to be an Indica strain of marijuana. It is made by crossing two other strains, Grape Diamonds and Chemdog, or sometimes even a cross between Chemdog and i95.

What is interesting to note about this strain is that it does hit very hard, although it only has around 15 or 16% THC, but it does also have up to 5% CBD.

That said, due to the terpenes it contains and the effects it has, it does have a very strong effect on both the mind and the body.


In terms of taste, the Planet of the Grapes marijuana strain does have a very intense flavor. It’s just slightly less intense than the scent or aroma of it.

However, as you can probably tell by the name of it, the taste does closely resemble a very sweet grape, kind of like a fake candy grape.

However, there is also a very strong sour citrusy taste when you inhale it, especially in the back of your throat. Then when you go to exhale the smoke from the Planet of the Grapes marijuana strain, you will also notice a few notes of diesel.

Whatever the case may be, the taste of the Planet of the Grapes strain is quite strong.


In terms of the smell of the Planet of the Grapes strain, it contains a wide variety of terpenes that produce a very potent aroma.

It consists of 0.78% caryophyllene, 2.17% myrcene, 0.23% ocimene, 0.19% humulene, and 0.44% cederene. The most potent one of the terpeness contained in this particular strain of marijuana is the myrcene.

The aroma of this strain of marijuana is so strong that it will fill up any space that it is in, whether a small apartment or a large house, and it’s definitely something that fits your nose very strongly.

The most noticeable scent that you will smell here is a very sweet and candy like grape flavored, combined with a lot of citrus, a bit of musk, and some diesel too.

If you really like to have marijuana strains that have strong aromas, then this is one of the best ones to go for.


When you purchase this type of marijuana, you are going to notice that it is somewhat loose. The reason for this is that it is often grown outdoors, and outdoor marijuana is often a bit looser and less dense than indoor marijuana.

Therefore, when you touch it, it is going to be a bit fluffy and will allow you to compact it a little bit. However, it’s definitely not the loosest of weeds around.

You are also going to notice that this marijuana is quite sticky and has a good deal of moisture content. Moreover, the trichomes tend to be intact, and there tend to be a lot of shiny and white crystals on the outside.

In terms of the color, here you will notice that the bud is a light to moderate green in color, combined with a few orange and white hairs on the exterior.

Effects / THC

What you get with the Planet of the Grapes strain of marijuana is a very strong entourage effect, which means that due to the fact that it has both THC and CBD, it hits you quite hard.

Now, both the THC and the CBD content may not be huge, but they work in combination to produce one heck of a high that really hits you hard.

From the first hit you take, you’re going to feel it behind your eyes, you’re going to feel your eyes getting heavy and sleepy.

Remember that this is a very heavy indica strain of weed, which means that it does produce a strong couch lock effect that makes you feel extremely relaxed, tired, and more.

It’s also a strain of weed that is going to be fairly strong in terms of producing the munchies. Yes, you are going to get hungry when you smoke this strain of marijuana.

You’re going to feel lethargic, relaxed, and extremely mellowed out. Due to the fact that it contains both THC and CBD, it will also produce a fairly strong body high that’s going to have you sitting down for hours on end.

It is a fairly strong high that also lasts for quite some time. Expect the high start about 5 to 10 minutes after your first puff, and to last for anywhere between three and four hours.

Our Overall Rating – 4.5/5

In terms of our overall rating for this strain, we are going to give it a 4.5 out of 5. It has a very strong and enjoyable taste, aroma, and it looks nice too.

Moreover, the high that it produces tends to be extremely enjoyable. The only thing that would make this strain better if is if the THC content were a little bit higher.

Is Planet Of The Grapes Easy To Grow?

Yes, the Planet of the Grapes strain is very easy to grow, and one reason for this is because it is an autoflowering plant.

Autoflowering means that you don’t have to change the lighting in order to make the plants from their vegetative to their flowering mode.

After just 45 days after planting, the Planet of the Grapes marijuana plant will automatically go into flowering mode, which does make life a lot easier.

Moreover, although this strain does grow well indoors, it does also grow very well outdoors. It’s also resistant to varying pH levels, tests, moisture, sunlight, and varying temperatures.

Unless you don’t go too extreme in either direction, especially in terms of lighting, moisture, and humidity, this strain should be just fine. From the day you planted to harvest day, it should take just 90 days to get these plants to maturity and ready for harvest.

Where Can I Buy Planet of the Grapes Strain Seeds?

One of the best places to find the seeds for the Planet of the Grapes strains is from Ethos Genetics itself. Another producer of this strain of marijuana is Hearst Organic under the Shelter Craft brand.

There are also other sources where you can buy seeds for this strain, including the North Atlantic Seed Company, the Canna Seed Vault, the Dank Seed Store, Alchimia Web, Brotanical Gardens, and Seeds Here Now.


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