Smoking Weed With Spider Mites

Smoking Weed With Spider Mites: Is It Bad?

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Pests are a real nuisance when it comes to growing marijuana, and unfortunately there are quite a few different pests that can infest your crop.

Of course, this is not ideal in the least, and one of the most common pests to have on marijuana plants is the spider mite. Spider mites can be very detrimental to your plants, but you may still be able to harvest some bud at the end of it. However, is smoking weed with spider mites bad?

Ok, to be fair, there is not all that much scientific research to back up either the yes or no side of this question. It’s just not something which time and money has been dedicated too. So, for the purposes of today’s article, we are going to be using some good old common sense.

The bottom line is that smoking weed with spider mites in it probably is not the best idea. Let’s talk about this in a little more detail right now. (if you need help getting rid of spider mites then take a look out our helpful guide here).

What Are Spider Mites?

Spider mites are little 8 legged pests that can easily infest a weed crop. They do have 8 legs, so as opposed to what people might think, they are actually a species of arachnid.

The problem with spider mites is that they are exceedingly small, and when there are only a few of them, they can be extremely hard to detect. By the time you see the spider mites, there are probably hundreds of them, they have started to eat big holes in your plants, and your plant is suffering.

Spider mites eat away at the leaves of your plants and they build pretty elaborate web systems too. Cannabis plants will suffer great under a spider mite infestation, which is because as they eat away at your plant leaves, the cannabis plant loses its ability to retain moisture, to absorb nutrients, and to grow in general.

However, in many cases, a spider mite infestation does not outright kill your plants, but it can severely hinder their growth, decrease the quality of the buds, and decrease the yield you get when all is said and done. However, are spider mites harmful to smoke?

Can I Smoke Weed With Spider Mites In It?

smoking marijuana

Ok, so as we mentioned in the introduction, smoking weed with spider mites in it is not something that has really been researched extensively, or really at all for that matter.

Therefore, using some common sense is what needs to be done here. Let’s think of it this way, although smoking pot is not super unhealthy, you do have to recognize that humans are just not meant to inhale smoke of any kind, and that involve cannabis smoke.

The excessive smoking of cannabis can cause lung problems, especially in the long run. So, if we are talking about smoking weed with spider mites in it, those spider mites are just another extra substance which you really do not want to be inhaling.

Now, it is unclear what kind of effects smoking spider mites will have on your lungs and on the human body as a whole, but if common sense prevails, which it definitely should, it cannot be good for you.

Whether you inhale mold from the webs, or whatever bodily fluids are contained inside of spider mites, it just cannot be good for you. Now, there is no proof that it is inherently bad, but this is more or less just due to lack of research.

Smoking anything really is just not good for you in general, so it is definitely safe to assume that smoking pot that is full of spider mites cannot be good for you no matter what. We would definitely recommend throwing out pot that has spider mites or spider mite eggs in it.

Side Effects of Smoking Spider Mites

If you are wondering what the side effects of smoking spider mites are, at this point, this is pretty unclear, as once again this has not really been tested.

Put it this way, to test this, people would have actually had to volunteer to smoke spider mite infested weed over a prolonged period of time, and nobody wants to do that.

However, it is safe to assume that some throat and lung irritation can occur, at the very least, if not some pretty nasty infections too.


So, at the end of the day, it is safe to assume that you are probably better off not smoking that pot that is full of spider mites. It just cannot be good for you. If it comes down to throwing out a few ounces of pot filled with spider mites or cheaping out and smoking it just because you don’t want to waste money, it’s probably your own health that should take priority. Just throw it out.