20 Stoner Easy Trippy Paintings: Ideas & Tutorials

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Being a stoner is a whole lot of fun, because weed does bring out your creative side. That said, you might not be a pro artist and need some instruction on the matter.

Today, we want to take a look at a few stoner easy trippy painting ideas that in themselves look as though they are sky high.


20 Easy Stoner Trippy Paintings: Ideas & Tutorials

Let’s take a look at 20 different tutorials and ideas for your next easy stoner painting.

1. Trippy Stoner Hand Painting

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to paint a pair of trippy hands working in unison to light up a joint. One hand is holding the joint, the other holds the lighter, and they are labeled as being “best buds”.

Here you’ll learn a little bit about perspective and angles, particularly about the position of the hands and fingers, complete with a trippy yet easy to draw background.

2. How to Make Trippy Art

Here we have a neat little tutorial that will teach you how to paint a super trippy landscape that features a forest of mushroom trees growing in out space, on the moon to be precise.

This instructional is really nice because it takes you through a step-by-step process on how to actually paint in a professional manner, while keeping things fun and breezy.

3. Drawing a Pot Leaf

Although this one is not super trippy per se, being able to draw a good pot leaf is one of the cornerstones of any stoner painting. Here you have a little tutorial that will teach you how to draw the perfect little pot leaf with minimal effort.

4. How to Draw a Mushroom

If you want to make some really trippy paintings, then knowing how to draw a mushroom is always something important.

Here we have a simple tutorial that will teach you exactly how to draw a super trippy mushroom that looks like it belongs in a psychedelic festival.

5. Trippy Rick and Morty

There are few adult TV shows that are as intense, trippy, and out there as Rick & Morty. This is a fan favorite cartoon that has audiences everywhere in laughing fits.

In this tutorial, we find out how to draw a super trippy Rick & Morty that looks as though it belongs in a museum of LSD.

6. Bob Ross Gray Mountain

Being able to draw a super trippy painting means needing to possess actual skill as a painter. Well, here we have none other than Bob Ross teaching us how to draw a beautiful and colorful landscape complete with mountains, trees, a lake, and more.

The painting itself may not be overly trippy, but listening to Bob provide instructions is always a real trip.

7. Trippy Bart Simpson

If you like the Simpsons, particularly Bart, then here is a cool little trippy stoner painting tutorial that has you drawing Bart drinking a slushie and tripping out in outer space. It’s a great tutorial on how to draw both space and a Simpsons character.

8. Painting Trippy Flowers

Brought to us by the same instructor as the previous tutorial, here we have a nice little instructional that will teach you how to draw some very simple yet trippy stoner flowers.

If you’ve ever been stoned and imagined flowers with faces, now you’ll actually be able to draw them.

9. A Trippy Planet Tutorial

Here we have a cool tutorial that will teach you how to draw a very simple planet with a trippy checkered background.

It’s very simple to draw doesn’t take much time, yet looks super trippy once it’s done.

10. Painting SpongeBob

SpongeBob is another fan favorite cartoon character, and here we get to see a sky-high stoner show us exactly how to paint him in a variety of ways.

If you ever need to fill out a trippy landscape and need some zany characters for it, SpongeBob is always a go-to option.

11. Drawing a Stoned Weed Leaf

If weed is trippy and inanimate objects with faces are even more so, then here we have a great tutorial for you to check out, one that will have you drawing a professional looking weed leaf that looks like it got way too high on its own supply.

12. Trippy Rainbow Lips

If you want something a bit more advanced to test your artistic skills, then this tutorial on how to draw some big and luscious lips using rainbow colors that drip down like the lips themselves are on acid, could be right for you.

Now, this is not going to be an easy painting, but it’s also easily one of the trippiest ones on the list today.

13. A Trippy Mural

Although it’s not quite a tutorial per se, here we see a super talented artist paint a whole room with a trippy mural. It’s a landscape made out of mushrooms of various colors, with the color scheme following a rainbow pattern.

It’s definitely one of the coolest looking wall murals we have ever seen, and here you will get some inspiration on exactly how to get it done.

14. Drawing a One Eyed Gangster

If you want to draw something a bit goofier, yet also super simple and trippy, then learning how to draw this one-eyed gangster, who has a truly massive eye, might be right up your alley. It’s simple, fun, and can be completed in mere minutes.

15. Doodling Trippy Art

Here we have a cool little tutorial that is all about making some really trippy doodles. It’s nothing specific, just how to draw random shapes and patterns that will have you tripping out just looking at them.

16. Doodle With Me

This is a cool little tutorial where a talented young artist shows us exactly how to create some super trippy doodles, ones that involve skulls, horns, various shapes, colors, and much more. You probably need to be stoned to follow this tutorial.

17. The Galaxy

There is rarely anything more trippy than outer space. What we have here is a convenient little tutorial that will teach you exactly how to draw a super trippy scene from outer space.

Here you’ll learn some easy and fun methods of drawing stars, planets, and anything else you can find in the cosmos.

18. The Tie Dye Swirl

If you like tie dye, you like making spirals, you want to create something super trippy, then this tutorial on creating a tie dye swirl could be right for you. Here you’re also going to learn all about blending colors together in a super trippy way.

19. Painting a Trippy Dinosaur

If you’re a big fan of super trippy artwork that looks cool but doesn’t make much sense, then this trippy dinosaur living in a combination space and mountainscape, combined with the milky way and a cool rainbow backdrop, could be the right kind of painting for you. This might just be the best one on the list today.

20. A Fluid Art Tutorial

If you are big into abstract art, and you want your paintings to be all about trippy colors flowing and melding into each other, then this is a great tutorial to watch. It’s definitely one of the most colorful ones around!


Between the 20 tutorials we looked at above, you should now have more than enough instruction to start making your own trippy stoner paintings.


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