Taste Weed In My Mouth Without Smoking: Explained

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One of the weirdest things that can happen is that you taste weed in your mouth when you haven’t actually smoked anything. It is an odd occurrence, but it does happen.

So, why do you taste weed in your mouth without smoking?

Weed dries out your mouth so there is no saliva to wash out the flavor, so the taste may actually stay in your mouth for some time after smoking. It may also be just due to indigestion after eating edibles, or it could also just be a mental thing that appears to be fairly common.

Taste Weed in My Mouth Without Smoking


Why Do I Taste Weed In My Mouth When I Haven’t Smoked?

There are a few different reasons why this phenomenon may occur. First and foremost, marijuana contains substances that are salivary inhibitors, a fancy way of saying that they dry out your mouth.

Think of the fact that weed on its own already has a very strong taste. Not having spit in your mouth to wash down that taste can result in the weed flavor staying in your mouth for quite some time.

Next, your mouth tasting like weed without smoking could be because you ingested or ate marijuana edibles. If your body is having trouble processing it, it may cause indigestion and lead to some of that cannabis taste coming up your throat and into your mouth.

The other reason why this issue may occur is simply due to your mental state. Our minds are funny things and sometimes they like to play tricks on us.

Is It Common To Get a Random Weed Taste in Your Mouth?

Yes, it is a common occurrence, especially among daily smokers, although there is no scientific research on this front and no definitive answer.

If you are a daily smoker who hasn’t smoked yet today, it could just be your mind and body having a bit of a craving for weed.

What Does The Reddit Community Say?

Although the information and opinions out there are quite conflicting, the general consensus is that this is a fairly regular occurrence.

There are plenty of regular smokers out there who taste weed in their mouths without actually smoking. The issue is of course that nobody really seems to know why.

It could be due to the mouth drying out, craving some weed, a purely mental thing, or it could be due to having eaten some edibles. Most people on Reddit agree that it is likely a mental thing, but it’s not like these people are experts on the matter by any means.

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As you can see, although tasting weed when you haven’t smoked is a common occurrence, exactly why it happens is unknown. That said, it’s also definitely not something that you need to worry about if it does happen.


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