What Does It Mean When You Drop The Blunt

What Does It Mean When You Drop The Blunt?

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Have you ever heard someone say “drop the blunt”? Maybe you have literally dropped the blunt on the ground before. However, what does it really mean when you drop the blunt?Are there any certain rules to follow? Is it a big screw up? Are there any consequences.

Let’s talk about what does it mean when you drop the blunt, some weed etiquette, and some common stoner terminology too.

Dropping The Blunt: Meaning

Simply put, if you drop the blunt, it means you are either super clumsy, or probably already pretty baked. Now, if the blunt was rolled well, it should be totally fine, and it shouldn’t take any damage when it hits the ground.

Some people, the old school stoners, have this rule that if you drop the blunt, you get a punch in the arm. Other than that, dropping the blunt doesn’t really mean anything at all.

**Some people may say that dropping the blunt refers to the person who bought the blunt wrap to roll the pot in, i.e. “I don’t have any weed to pitch, but I can drop the blunt”. Although, this is not really common terminology.

Note: we have covered our favorite 5 blunt wraps here.

Weed Smoking Etiquette

Just in case you are new to smoking weed, there are a few etiquette tips that you may want to follow. Stoners are usually some pretty chilled people, and no, it’s not like if your break etiquette you’ll be disowned from the group or anything like that, but there is a certain level of respect involved.

Kings and queens have dinner etiquette at their tables, there’s etiquette to follow on the escalator, and there is stoner etiquette too. So, what are some basic stoner rules to follow when you’re smoking a blunt with other people?

  • Generally, if you don’t have weed to contribute to the mix, you are at least expected to purchase the blunt wrap itself.
  • If you have not pitched any weed for the blunt, you have absolutely no right to complain about the quality, the amount you get, or your position in the rotation.
  • One of the biggest stoner etiquette rules is called “rollers rights”, which means that whoever rolled it is first in line to light it up.
  • Once the blunt is rolled, somebody who contributed some pot is allowed to say “deuce”, which means that he or she is then second in line to smoke, after the roller. Places are usually called in this manner.
  • If you happen to call “deuce” before the blunt has been rolled, you automatically get last place in the rotation.
  • If you have not contributed any weed to the blunt, traditionally, those who did contribute will go a few rotations without including you. If you did not contribute, don’t ask to join in, because real stoners will give you some hits either way, just not usually on the first couple of rotations. People who contributed always get priority.
  • If a blunt comes to you, and it has canoed, which means that it has burned much faster on one side than the other, you have to ring it, which means taking some saliva and creating a ring around the front, with the aim of slowing down the section which is burning faster, to once again make it even.

Common Stoner Terminology

Let’s just go over some of the biggest words, terms, and slang which pot smokers use, just so you aren’t left out of the loop if you ever hear any of these things being said.

  • Baked/Fried = To be very high.
  • Blunt = A large brown rolling paper, usually made out of a tobacco or hemp leaf.
  • Bush = Bad weed.
  • Cherry = The lit part of the joint, blunt, or bowl, the front which is burning.
  • Cottom Mouth/Pasties = When the marijuana causes your mouth to dry out.
  • Deuce = What somebody says to call second in line in the rotation when smoking.
  • Dime = $10 worth of marijuana.
  • Half Quarter/Eighth = An eighth of an ounce of weed, often called a half quarter.
  • Hot Box = Smoking inside of a closed space like a bathroom, closet, or car.
  • Quarter = 7 grams of weed, a quarter ounce.
  • Nickel = $5 worth of marijuana.
  • Nug = A small chunk of marijuana.
  • Rollers Rights =The right of the person who rolled it to be the first to smoke.
  • Shake = The crumbs and leaves of weed left over in a bag.
  • Skunk = A Strain of weed, sometimes used to describe very stinky weed.
  • Spliff/Joint = A marijuana cigarette rolled with traditional rolling papers.
  • Trees =Another euphemism for marijuana.
  • Twist = To roll a joint or blunt.
  • Zip = An ounce of weed.


As you can see, there is a good deal of stoner etiquette, as well as terminology to learn, if you plan on being a true stoner, one that is accepted as part of the group!