What Is A Dry Vaporizer Pen Used For

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With marijuana becoming all the rage, and people quitting cigarettes everywhere, vaping AKA vaporizing has become the new rage. You have probably heard of vapes, vaporizers, or vape pens before.

Mind you, these are all different terms for the same thing. Those people walking around blowing those clouds of vapor, those people are vaporizing, and this could be nicotine juice, THC oil, or dry weed too.

So, what is a dry vaporizer pen used for? A dry vaporizer pen is used to consume marijuana, dried and ground up marijuana flower. Of course, the big difference is that in a vape pen, you are turning the main components of the marijuana into vapor, but there is no actual burning or combustion that takes place, thus making the dry herb vaporizer a much healthier way to smoke your herb than using a bong, pipe, or rolling a joint.

What Is A Dry Vaporizer Pen?

Ok, so a dry vaporizer pen is a device which you can use to vaporize marijuana flower. Here, you are using actual marijuana flowers or buds, ground up, and vaporizing them.

They contain heating coils and a chamber which contains the ground marijuana, which is then heated up to the point where the active components in the weed, mainly the THC and CBD, is turned into vapor and then inhaled.

Yes, they can look like pens, but they do come in all different shapes and sizes, with some being much larger and boxier than others.

Vaporizing Weed vs Combusting Weed

The main reason why people have started vaporizing their marijuana instead of burning it through smoking is due to health concerns. Combustion, no matter which way you look at it, whether you are burning tobacco, weed, or anything else, is just not very healthy.

The combustion process produces many chemicals which are not healthy in the least, and many of them are indeed carcinogens, or in other words, they cause cancer. However, when you vaporize your weed instead of burning it, it is a much cleaner process.

Here you only turn the THC and CBD, along with a few other compounds, into vapor instead of smoke. The bottom line is that it is just much healthier to vaporize your herb than to smoke it.

Sure, weed might be much healthier than tobacco in the grand scheme of things, but in all reality, humans are just not designed to inhale smoke no matter where it comes from.

What Is A Dry Vaporizer Pen Used For?

A dry vaporizer pen is used for vaporizing dried and ground up marijuana. Sure, you can smoke it in a pipe, water bong, in a joint, or any other number of methods, but vaping is hands down the healthiest way to go about it.

Here, you simply grind up your weed, put it in the dry herb vape’s chamber, turn the vaporizer on, let it get up to heat, press the button, and inhale.

So, in layman’s terms, a dry herb vape pen is used to vaporize and consume dry marijuana by inhaling vapor rather than smoking it.

Dry Vape Pen vs THC Oil Vape Pen

Something that you do need to keep in mind here is that there is a difference between the dry vape pen or dry herb vaporizer pen and the THC oil vaporizer pen.

With a dry herb vape pen, you can actually use ground up marijuana buds. In other words, you can buy a gram of primo kush from your source, stick it in the grinder, put the ground up weed in the dry herb vape’s chamber, amnd you are good to go.

The difference between the dry vaporizer pen and a THC oil or distillate pen is that in the dry herb vape pen you can use actual marijuana buds, ground up marijuana. However, with a distillate or THC oil vape pen, you can only use liquids.

In other words, these come with special chambers which hold THC oil or distillate, in some form or another. These normal vaporizer pens cannot be used with dry herb.

Conduction Vaporizers vs Convection Vaporizers

When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, there is a big distinction that you need to know about. What we are talking about here is the heating method.

Some dry herb vaporizers use a conduction heating method, whereas others use a convection heating method.

So, what is the difference between a conduction vaporizer and a convection vaporizer?

Conduction Dry Herb Vape

With a conduction dry herb vaporizer, your weed sits right on the heating element. The flower is in direct contact with the heat source.

Now, this does help to heat up the weed faster, but it can also lead to overheating. In other words, if these get too hot, it can result in actual combustion, just like if you were smoking your weed, which of course totally defeats the purpose of using a vape pen in the first place.

However, that said, these tend to be cheaper to purchase than convection vape pens.

Convection Dry Herp Vape

This type of vaporizer, instead of having the dry and ground up weed sit directly on the heating element, these pass heated air through the herb chamber.

This tends to be the better option to go with because they create and maintain a much more even temperature range and they usually never overheat or result in accidental combustion.

They are more secure, safer, and usually result in a better and less harsh flavor, but they can also be a good deal more expensive than a conduction dry herb vape pen.

How To Use A Dry Vaporizer Pen

Using a dry vaporizer pen is actually very easy, does not take much work, and barely requires any knowledge at all.

Let’s go through a step by step process on how to use a dry herb vape pen with your favorite strain of ganja.

  1. Grind up the marijuana that you want to put in the dry vaporizer pen. Make sure to grind it up evenly into little pebbles, but don’t grind it down into fine powder. You do want a bit of texture here so it does not vaporize too fast.
  2. Now you need to load the herb chamber with your ground up weed. This can differ a bit from one model to another, but is usually more or less the same across the board. Remove the cover from the vape pen’s herb chamber and use your fingers to load the ground up weed into it.
  3. Make sure not to pack it too tight because air does need to pass through. Keep in mind that conduction dry herb vaporizers can be packed a little tighter than their convection counterparts.
  4. Turn on the dry vaporizer pen and let it heat up. Once again, some let you choose the temperature, some have more buttons, some have less, some heat to a preset temperature, and some take longer than others. Either way, make sure to let the dry herb vaporizer pen heat up to full temperature before you try and take a hit from it.
  5. Keep in mind that slightly higher temperatures will produce thicker and stronger vapor with more THC and CBD, while lower temperatures produce better flavor, but the hits will not be as potent. Now press the button and take a hit.
  6. You do want to clear out the herb chamber after having used up all of the weed in your dry vape pen. Use a special vaporizer chamber tool to remove the leftover ground cannabis. Do not leave it in there.

Dry Herb Vape Pen Maintenance

Dry vaporizer pens, because you use them over and over again, can get dirty, and there are other components which require cleaning and maintenance. Let’s go over some dry vape pen maintenance tips right now.

Depending on how often you use the vape, and how heavily you use it, you will want to clean and maintain it once per week or more.

  1. Take apart the dry herb vape. Most of them will consist of the mouthpiece, the heating chamber, and the battery. Get to know your specific model of dry herb vaporizer pen before doing this.
  2. Empty out all loose and remaining herb from the chamber by tapping the chamber or using a tool. Keep in mind to do this carefully, because many of these vaporizers come with a little screen that can come out. Be careful not to lose this.
  3. You should have a small cleaning brush that came with your dry vape pen, and if you do not have this, a Q-tip will do just fine. Use this to get any remaining weed or cannabis residue out of the chamber. Removing clogged particles from the screen is recommended too.
  4. NOTE: Never ever use water, alcohol, or any other kind of liquid to clean out the interior of your dry herb vape, as you can and probably will damage it.
  5. Use a dab tool, a cleaning tool, or a Q-tip in order to clean out the mouthpiece of any residue that may be present. Check your user’s manual before doing so, but some mouth pieces can be soaked in warm water or alcohol for easy cleaning.
  6. Reassemble the dry herb vaporizer pen. You are now ready to vaporize more of your favorite ganja.

Dry Herb Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide

woman vaping

Before you go out and buy a dry vaporizer pen, there are a few key purchasing considerations that you need to keep in mind.


Some of these things can cost as little as $50 and some can cost several hundred dollars or more. Just beware that with dry herb vapes, to a certain extent, you do get what you pay for.

We would definitely not recommend going for the cheapest one you can find.

Oven Size

The oven is also known as the chamber, and it is where the ground up marijuana goes for heating and vaping. Simply put, some have larger chambers than others.

Small ones are good for a few hits, but if you want a sustained and longer vaping session, you will want to go for something slightly larger.

Chamber Materials

You do also want to pay attention to what the oven or chamber is made of. Some vape chambers are made of ceramic, which is inert, it does not add flavors, but they are hard to clean and somewhat fragile, but not too expensive. T

here are also stainless steel chambers, which are also inert. They are easier to clean than ceramic vape ovens, but also more expensive.

The other option is glass, which is usually considered the best, but also the most fragile.


Simply put, do you want a small vaporizer that you can hit in public without arousing too much suspicion, or do you want a big guy that’s going to give you big hits?

Convection vs Conduction

You will want to decide between conduction and convection vaporizers. Refer to our section on this topic earlier on in the article for more info on this.

Clean Air Paths

The air path is what most people would refer to as the mouth piece. Just like the oven, these can be made of different materials.

Keep in mind that these are constantly exposed to heat from the vape and moisture from your mouth, so you do want to get something durable. Metal or glass is usually the way to go here.


You also want to consider if you want a dry herb vape where you can control the temperature, as temperature control allows you to get the hits you like.

Some vaporizers do not allow for temperature adjustments, which is ok, but not the best, keeping in mind that this is less expensive.


There we are folks, everything you need to know about buying, choosing, and using the dry herb vaporizer. When it comes down to it, these are the far healthier alternative to smoking weed, as it is much healthier than combustion or burning in any way. If you want to consume weed and be as healthy about it as possible, using a dry herb vape pen is definitely recommended.


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