13 Most Potent Marijuana Strains: Uppercut Picks

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When it comes down to it, there is just nothing better than growing your own weed, and then being able to smoke it yourself too. It’s rewarding, it’s fun, and you can choose the exact strain of marijuana you want to grow.

However, on the other hand, there’s nothing worse than growing some cannabis plants for a few months, just to realize that it’s some really weak bud that barely gives you a buzz at all.

So, what is the most potent strain of cannabis? At this point, the most potent strain of cannabis would have to be an Indica dominant hybrid known as Godfather OG. Some other super potent strains include Chemdawg, White Tahoe Cookies, and a few others that we will talk about.

Here is a quick summary of the 13 most potent strains of Marijuana (currently);

  1. Godfather OG (34% THC)
  2. Chemdawg (32%+ THC)
  3. Strawberry Banana (32% THC)
  4. Royal Gorilla (30% THC)
  5. Bruce Banner #3 (29%+ THC)
  6. Irish Cream (27%+ THC)
  7. White Tahoe Cookies (27%+ THC)
  8. Purple Queen (25%+ THC)
  9. Fat Banana (25%+ THC)
  10. Romulan (24%+ THC)
  11. Amnesia Haze (22%+ THC)
  12. Chocolope (21%+ THC)
  13. Pink Kush (20%+ THC)

Keep in mind folks, the strains we are about to discuss are all great to grow by yourself if you are looking for a very THC heavy plant that is super potent and will hit you like a brick when smoked.


Cannabis, THC & CBD, & Potency

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One thing which we do want to make very clear here is that when we are talking about really potent strains of marijuana for you to grow, we are talking about cannabis strains which are really heavy in THC.

Yes, sure, CBD is a great compound and it has many beneficial properties, especially when it comes to mental health and pain. However, when we are talking about potent marijuana, we are talking about THC heavy strains.

THC is the compound which tends to produce really strong head highs or cerebral highs, with some of the effects often including euphoria, extreme happiness and laughing, relaxation, calming and stress relief, hunger, and sedation.

Really THC heavy strains usually always tend to be Indica dominant instead of Sativa, as they produce that hunger inducing and couch locking effect.

Potent strains of marijuana which are very high in their THC content will generally start off with a strong cerebral high characterized by extreme euphoria, stress relief, and relaxation, often followed by big time munchies, and then usually ends with a strong burn out that will have you looking for your bed. To keep it short, you will go from happy to hungry to tired.

There can be some other effects, with some pain relief and increased creativity being possible.

Keep in mind that many strains out there are hybrids, which are crosses of Indica and Sativa, so some of the strains we are going to look at can also provide you with some of the usual cannabis Sativa effects, but for the most part, these THC heavy strains are Indica dominant, and they smoke that way too.

The #1 Most Potent Strain Of Cannabis – Big Time THC

At this time, there is one single strain which is considered to be the strongest, most potent, and THC heavy strain out there. This uppercut strain is Godfather OG.

#1. Godfather OG – 34% THC

If you are looking for the number one most potent and THC heavy strain out there to grow for yourself, it is the Indica dominant hybrid known as Godfather OG.

At the most this strain will have a THC content of 34%, which is in fact a conservative estimate.

Some buds may have closer to 40% THC. On average, at the very least, it will always have a minimum of 25% THC.

This strain is a cross between Granddaddy Purps, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush and is cultivated by California Herbal Remedies.

Godfather OG has won the High Times Cannabis Cup for being the number one best strain of cannabis Indica.

This stuff will provide you with an incredible cerebral head high, and results in big time euphoria, which applies to both the mind and body.

It’s a calming, happy, and relaxing weed that will create a heavy couch lock and give you the super munchies.

The Most Potent Cannabis Strains By THC Content

Besides Godfather OG, there are many other strains out there which you can grow at home, which give the THC content of Godfather OG a run for its money.

Let’s take a look at some of the other most potent strains of cannabis that are really heavy in THC, aka uppercut strains.

#2. Chemdawg – 32%+ THC

Chemdawg is a 55% Indica dominant strain which is cultivated by the Next Harvest company in Denver Colorado.

Not much is known about this strain, but it is thought that it is a mix between Thai and Nepalese Sativa, although it is an Indica dominant hybrid.

What is interesting is that this strain is actually used to create sour diesel, and in fact, it holds notes of the diesel taste.

No, not actual diesel like the fuel, but the good diesel taste of weed.

It previously held the title for being the strain with the highest THC content of over 32%, which earned it the Cannabis Cup title.

Chemdawg is a very heavy strain that produces in insane cerebral head high, and it hits like a brick.

It’s one of those strains that can provide you with both euphoria and relaxation, as well as a great deal of stress relief too.

Chemdawg is also known to have very uplifting effects and may help with creativity.

Although it is Indica dominant, it does not produce too bad of a couch lock feeling.

#3. Strawberry Banana 32% THC

Strawberry Banana is a 70% Indica dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum.

It has been on the High Times Strongest Strains on Earth List for quite some time now, and it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon, as it has been on the list for 3 years running.

On average, a THC content of 31% or higher is what you will find here. This is a bud that expert weed smokers will love, and it definitely packs one heck of a bunch.

Take a big bong hit of Strawberry Banana, and it’s like a brick to the face, but a good brick, a really enjoyable brick.

For the most part, you can expect this strain to average out at around 28% THC, but up to 32% or higher has been found.

If you are wondering about the taste of this strain, all you need to do is read the name of it aloud to yourself, as it is very sweet and fruity, and does actually taste like bananas when exhaled.

A strong cerebral head high is what you will start out with after a puff of this Indica dominant strain, follow by extreme relaxation, sedation, and often a strong couch lock too.

Strawberry Banana is known to be a great strain for people with PTSD, depression, and insomnia.

#4. Royal Gorilla 30% THC+

Royal Gorilla is a result of the accidental crossing of Chocolate Diesel, Chems Sis, and Sour Dubb. It might have been an accident, but a very happy and pleasant one, as Royal Gorilla usually always has over 30% THC and certainly hits like a brick when smoked.

This is one of the few potent cannabis strains on our list which is an even 50%/50% mix of Sativa and Indica.

This is something you might want to consider growing if you like to have moderate Sativa and Indica effects at once when smoked.

Here you will get a cerebral head high that is very relaxing and a little sedating, but not too bad in terms of the burnout.

It should provide you with some creativity and euphoria, as well as some pain, depression, and anxiety relief.

Many people note that they feel like jelly after a few big hits of Royal Gorilla.

#5. Bruce Banner #3 – 29%+ THC

Bruce Banner #3 is a fairly balanced hybrid strain that has both Indica and Sativa effects on the body when smoked.

The parents of this strain include the hybrid OG Kush and the hybrid Strawberry Diesel.

When smoked, you should taste hints of strawberry and sweetness, with some aromatic fruitiness too.

It does lean more towards the Sativa side of things rather than Indica, but either way, it is known for having a THC content of 29% or higher. Bruce Banner #3 often starts out with a bit of an uplifting and creative high, and yes, in the beginning, it can provide a bit of energy.

However, the high THC content and the Indica side of things soon takes over, and provides you with a really happy, euphoric, and relaxing high, that then often leads to sedation and couch lock, with a good hit of the munchies too.

#6. Irish Cream – 27%+ THC

Irish cream is a very heavy THC indicant dominant strain which was created by cross breeding the Real McCoy and Cookies & Cream strains of marijuana.

Mighty Irish Seeds knew what they were doing here, because they managed to create a really potent cannabis strain in Irish Cream, which usually always has at least 27% THC.

When smoked, although the name implies that it will taste like Bailey’s liquor or an Irish coffee, it actually tastes like pine and herbs, but also has a bit of sweetness to it.

Irish Cream is a good night time strain, as it does produce a couch locking and tiring effect which will have you falling asleep a couple of hours after smoking it.

The initial high is a strong cerebral head high, with big time relaxing and stress relieving properties.

Soon after the happiness and relaxation hits, you will feel the sedation and soon be ready for sleep, although not before you open up the fridge to raid it of any snacks that might be in the vicinity.

#7. White Tahoe Cookies – 27%+ THC

Tahoe Cookies is a super heavy Indica dominant strain of marijuana, and it is a mix of The White, Tahoe OG, and Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in a 70% Indica dominant strain.

White Tahoe Cookies is known for having around 27% THC or more, and is one of the most popular strains of cannabis to grow on the west coast.

When you smoke White Tahoe Cookies, you will get a really sweet and flavorful taste, with undertones of the OG.

Within minutes of smoking this really potent strain, you should feel extremely euphoric and creative, as this strain is best known for these effects.

White Tahoe Cookies will provide you with an awesomely relaxing body buzz which can last for hours.

It is also a good sedative, because when the euphoria wears off, it has really strong sedative properties which will have you burning out and sleeping like a champ.

White Tahoe Cookies is hands down one of the best strains out there for people who suffer from insomnia.

#8. Purple Queen – 25%+ THC

If you love really Indica dominant strains, the 25%+ THC Purple Queen cannabis strain is one you might want to grow at home.

This stuff is 75% Indica dominant, and it is a cross of 2 very potent strains, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani.

With really vibrant tones of citrus, hash, and earthy aromas, it is a very strong taste with an even stronger high.

When you are growing it, you will notice the super purple buds, usually more purple than any other strain out there.

Purple Queen is a great option to go with if you are looking for a super relaxing, sedative, and ultimately couch locking high.

If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, Purple Queen is undoubtedly one of the best strains out there for you.

You will get a strong head high with some euphoria, extreme relaxation, the munchies, and you are sure to sleep like a champ after a few tokes of this stuff.

#9. Fat Banana – 25%+ THC

Fat Banana is an evenly balanced 50/50 mix of Indica and Sativa, and yes, it has the effects of both of these cannabis types.

This is a hybrid mix of US West Coast Banana and various OG strains. Fat Banana has a very strong, potent, and fruity aroma.

It smokes really sweet and most people say that the taste is absolutely fantastic.

Since Fat Banana is half Sativa and half Indica, at first, when smoked, you can expect a fairly uplifting and creative high, with notes of relaxation and euphoria.

It all starts out with a nice Sativa high, with the Indica high taking over after an hour or two.

About an hour after smoking, the creeping couch lock will hit you all of a sudden, it will sedate you, make you hungry, and eventually put you into dream land.

It’s a pretty good dessert strain that starts with an uplifting high and ends with one of the best sleeps you have had in years.

#10. Romulan – 24%+ THC

Romulan is a super heavy Indica dominant strain that is very popular, especially in Canada.

It has some Sativa qualities as well, but is mostly characterized by the super strong, euphoric, and relaxing cerebral head high which Indicas are famous for.

The Romulan strain often has a THC content of 24% or higher, making it one of the stronger cannabis Indica strains out there.

When you smoke a Romulan joint, you will notice that is has quite the piney, sweet, and earthy aroma.

It is often loved for some of the medical properties which it comes with, and it can help to reduce inflammation, pain, stress, and anxiety.

However, for the most part, due to its THC heavy nature and Indica dominance, it is a euphoric strain that creates a strong head high, which leads to great relaxation, sedation, and one heck of a good sleep.

#11. Amnesia Haze – 22%+ THC

This is actually one of the only strains on our list today which is highly Sativa dominant.

Amnesia Haze is a cross between various Haze strains, and other Jamaican and Southeast Asian marijuana strains, resulting in a 70% Sativa dominant strain.

The aroma of this strain is a spicy and musky aroma, with a citrusy taste when smoked.

This strain has been known to have over 22% THC routinely, and it provides for a very uplifting high.

The Indica portion of this strain does result in a bit of a euphoric head high, with subtle hints of relaxation, sedation, and a mild couch lock effect several hours after your first tokes.

However, it is a very uplifting high with a really feel good effect that is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, and it has some good pain relief qualities too.

Amnesia Haze is known to produce a very long lasting body high that makes your body feel like it is vibrating and makes your mind feel at ease, but also happy, creative, and trippy too.

#12. Chocolope – 21%+ THC

Here we have a great strain which is actually 95% Sativa and only 5% Indica, but it still has a whole lot of hard hitting THC contained within it.

This is a mix between the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze strains, both of which are nearly 100% Sativa.

When smoked, you should taste aromatic hints of coffee and chocolate, with a whole lot of sweetness. It often has 21% THC or more contained within it.

Yes, this is a strong Sativa strain, one that produces quite the trippy, uplifting and creativity inspiring high.

This is not a sedative weed strain that causes relaxation and couch lock, at least not for the most part, and is not known for inducing hunger either.

This is a good morning time or afternoon marijuana strain which is very uplifting and gets many people ready for a long day.

It will create a bit of calmness and relaxation after the initial Sativa heavy high has passed, but does not result in an extreme burn out like many Indica dominant strains tend to produce.

#13. Pink Kush – 20%+ THC

If you are looking for a nice Indica dominant hybrid strain, with slight hints of Sativa, Pink Kush is definitely a great strain for you to grow. It often has 20% THC or more, which does make it quite the heavy hitter.

Pink Kush will hit you really hard and really fast. Just a few tokes is more than enough, especially if you don’t smoke all that much.

Pink Kush does have pretty potent and useful medical benefits, such as reducing stress, taking care of insomnia, and reducing chronic pain as well.

Pink Kush is best known for best known for producing a Euphoric and happiness inducing head high, with a good punch of relaxation, sedation, and hunger.

It’s definitely a potent strain of weed that will have you sleeping like a super tired baby just a couple hours after your first toke.



There you have it folks, the most potent cannabis strains out there that are super heavy in their THC content.

These pure indica or usually Indica dominant strains will relax you, make you happy, and relieve stress and anxiety, plus more.

They are often great for sedation and to provide you with a couch lock effect that will then lead to a really good sleep.

Some of them can offer great pain relief effects as well. A really euphoric cerebral head high is usually something you can always expect with these strains, and oh yeah, probably keep a bag of chips and some snacks around, as most of these strains will give you the munchies galore.

Remember folks, these potent cannabis strains are not necessarily for beginners, as they are very strong and most hit you like a Mike Tyson uppercut to the jaw, but in a really good and enjoyable way!


My passion for the sticky icky started nearly a decade ago, and it all began when I first laid my eyes on the beauty that is the marijuana plant.

I cover all aspects of growing from equipment recommendations to plant health/care tips to help both new and experienced growers.