Why Do I Twitch When I’m High?

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If you’ve ever smoked or consumed a lot of weed, something that might happen are the cannabis shakes. You might feel yourself starting to twitch and tremor a little bit.

So, why do I twitch when I’m high?

Twitching or cannabis shakes are often caused by consuming too much THC, having anxiety, being overstimulated, or your just feeling cold (cannabis use does actually slightly lower your body temperature). It’s fairly common and will likely go away within  30 minutes, so don’t panic!


why do i twitch when im high


What Are The Cannabis Shakes?

So, the cannabis shakes are a variety of involuntary muscle tremors and twitches that might occur after you consume or smoke marijuana. Yes, the shakes or such muscle twitches can also be associated with things like alcohol withdrawal and a variety of other serious health conditions.

However, if you start twitching and trembling a little bit after you’ve smoked some weed, don’t worry, it’s no big cause for concern, you just have the cannabis shakes.

There haven’t really been any formal studies conducted on the matter, but there are plenty of reports from firsthand consumers that more or less prove that it is totally harmless.

The cannabis shakes generally go away after a few minutes, particularly if you stop consuming marijuana. You might also feel yourself getting slightly nauseous, sweating a lot, having an increased heart rate, and more.

These are all completely normal and absolutely not life threatening.

Reasons Why You Twitch When Your High

reasons for cannabis shakes

There are four main reasons asked why you might have the cannabis shakes after you get high, including having consumed too much THC, being anxious, being over stimulated, and being in a cold environment or feeling cold.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these things.

1. You’ve Consumed Too Much THC

One of the most common reasons why you might start twitching and shaking after you have smoked or consumed marijuana is quite simply because you’ve had way too much of it. This is especially the case if we are talking about THC.

The answer could simply be that you consume so much THC that you are experiencing a slight overdose. That said, no worries, overdosing on THC, especially if you haven’t had way too much, is really not dangerous at all.

There has not been a single person in the history of mankind that has ever overdosed on THC and died. You might freak out and feel really uncomfortable, but that’s about it.

2. You Are Anxious

Another possible explanation as to why you might start shaking and experiencing tremors after smoking or consuming marijuana is because you started to get paranoid or anxious.

The simple reality is that everybody handles weed differently, and it can make some people paranoid and very anxious. You might have smoked a strain that is too strong, or you’re just not used to it, and it has caused paranoia and anxiety.

These mental issues can then of course translate into physical issues, such as shaking and tremoring.

That said, if you already have anxiety and are susceptible to paranoia, smoking marijuana, particularly with high levels of THC, can definitely make these things a much worse. The best thing you can do is to not panic.

3. You’re Overstimulated

Another thing that can happen when you smoke marijuana is that you may get over stimulated. This is especially the case when people who put tobacco into their joints. Nicotine is a big time stimulant and it stimulates the nervous system, and even boosts dopamine levels.

This is exactly why a lot of people like adding a bit of tobacco to their joints, but in higher doses it may cause anxiety and twitching.

Moreover, if you’ve been consuming a lot of caffeine, this can do the trick as well. Caffeine gives you tons of energy and can make you a bit twitchy on its own, which when combined with high levels of THC can definitely make you shaky.

4. You Are Cold

There is actually such a thing known as cannabis induced hypothermia, otherwise known as THC induced hypothermia. Cannabis does actually lower your body temperature a little bit, although just a little bit.

You don’t have to start worrying about freezing to death from a bit of weed, but your body temperature may drop just a little bit.

If you if you were already a bit cold before, and then you smoke a lot of weed, you might just start shaking because your body is shivering and trying to get warm.

Tips To Stop Twitching After Smoking Weed


Now that you know why your body is shaking after you smoke a bunch of weed, we can figure out exactly what you can do to help calm yourself down.

1. Distract Yourself

If you feel really nervous and start panicking, the best thing to do is to get up and start walking around a bit. It’s best if you can distract yourself with absolutely anything. If you’re walking around, start counting your steps.

Watch movie, listen to some music, or even take a shower. You can also try some breathing exercises or any other strategy that works to calm down your anxiety.

It’s all about recentering your focus and your body on something other than that anxiety that has taken you over. Moreover, getting up may also just help loosen up those muscles that are twitching.

2. Change Your Scenery

The simple reality is that sitting there and being anxious and paranoid is not going to help you at all. Therefore, it’s great if you could attack the situation head on.

When it comes to psychoactive substances like THC, the environment you are in may play a big role in terms of your emotional state.

It’s all about feeling safe, warm, and comfortable. You could try going to a more relaxing place, taking a warm bath, or just indulging in that movie that you really like.

Even turning down the lights a little bit and putting on a relaxing song could be more than enough. If you feel cold, turn up the heat a little bit.

3. Keep Away From Stimulants

If the cause of your weed shakes is that you have mixed either tobacco or caffeine with THC, or all three together, then the simple solution is to stop consuming them.

Of course, if you’ve already consumed tobacco or caffeine, it’s going to take a while to wear off. That’s where the other two points up top come into play, finding ways to calm down.

However, by reducing or even eliminating the intake of caffeine and tobacco while consuming THC, you can definitely prevent this from happening.

4. Consume Some CBD

Another thing that you can try doing to get rid of the marijuana shakes is to consume a bit of CBD. First of all, there are recent studies that prove that CBD may actually somewhat counteract the effects of THC, and might actually take the high away a little bit.

This can therefore take away your anxiety and your paranoia away, and just make the high go away faster. CBD is also proven to contain a variety of components that will help to relieve anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

This is why many people choose to smoke CBD weed, or weed that has equal amounts of THC and CBD, because it tends to have a calming effect.

If you’re already too high, consuming a bit of CBD could definitely help. Moreover, if you find weed that has a one to one ratio of THC and CBD, you might be able to prevent this from occurring the next time.

5. Switch Up Strains

The other thing you can try doing to prevent these weed shakes from happening is to try a different strain of weed. Remember, everybody reacts differently, and you might just have a bad reaction to a certain strain of weed.

Now, generally speaking, this is going to have to do with THC content. Therefore, if the strain of weed that has 30% THC gives you the shakes, try something that has 20% THC or less.

You might just be consuming way too much THC.

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How Long Do The Cannabis Shakes Last?

Generally speaking, cannabis shakes will start about 5 to 10 minutes after you have consumed the cannabis. If you smoked a joint, has bong rips, or just vape, then you shouldn’t have these shakes for more than about 15 or 20 minutes.

However, if you consumed a lot of edibles, they might last a lot longer, for several hours. Edibles tend to be a lot stronger, they hit you harder, and they last longer too.



Although it feels super uncomfortable in the moment, the simple reality is that when you twitch and have tremors when you’re high, it’s just a case of the weed shakes, and it’s nothing serious.

The bottom line is that you’re just not going to die, and it’s probably going to go away within the next 30 minutes.


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