Why Does My Weed Smell Like Hay?

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You’ve grown your own weed, it looks nice, nothing got moldy, and it’s now dry and ready to smoke, but there’s one small problem, the smell. Sometimes weed can have an odd smell, especially when grown at home, and sometimes it can end up smelling a lot like hay.

So, why does my weed smell like hay? Well, there are a few different reasons why your weed might end up smelling like hay, and it often has to do with the curing process.

Your weed may also smell like hay due to deficiencies in the growth process, or just because of the particular strain you chose to grow.

3 Reasons Why Your Weed Smells Like Hay

Let’s take a closer look at this issue right now, it mainly comes down to these 3 things;

1. Not Grown Properly

One of the reasons why your weed may end up smelling like hay is because it was not grown properly, especially during the flowering stage.

For marijuana buds to develop properly, which means a lot of terpenes and THC, paying close to attention during the flowering stage is very important, as this is where the vast majority of the smell and potency develop.

You need to provide your weed plants with the right flowering nutrients, they need to have the right pH level, the right amount of light, humidity and temperature too.

Any of these factors can affect bud development, and yes, this includes the smell. If your weed smells like hay, chances are that you messed up somewhere along the line.

2. Not Cured Properly

Perhaps the biggest and most prevalent reason why your weed smells like hay is due to improper curing. Curing is the process where weed, after having been dried, is stored in airtight containers which are opened up a couple times per day to let air in and let moisture out.

The curing process is where a lot of the smell develops. In fact, a lot of weed smells like hay or grass before it has been cured.

If you have not cured your weed yet, and it smells like hay, don’t worry because the smell should go away, or change to a really stinky weed smell after curing. It is highly recommended that you look up the proper process for curing marijuana.

If not cured properly, that hay smell can stick around and overpower any other smell which your weed may have developed.

3. A Low Grade Strain

The other reason why your weed might smell like hay or smell grassy is because of the strain itself. Simply put, sometimes weed is just bad. Not all weed is the same and some is worse than others.

If you have a really low grade strain that is not very potent, high in THC, and does not contain many strong smelling terpenes, then it can end up smelling like hay.

If you have grown and cured your weed properly, and it still smells like hay, there is good chance that the weed is bunk, which is a nice way of saying that it’s low grade garbage weed.

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So, for the most part, if you grow your weed properly and cure it the right way, it really should not smell like hay.

However, there are some strains of weed which might kind of smell like hay, although these tend to be fairly low quality strains. This also applies to cat pee, which is another strange smell we hear people asking about.


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