Why Is My Weed So Sticky: Good Or Bad?

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Yeah, usually we really don’t like anything that is sticky. Sticky fingers and sticky surfaces just aren’t any fun. Sticky generally means something bad that is to be avoided at all costs. However, what about sticky weed? Is sticky weed good or bad? Why is my weed so sticky? These are question that we often hear from people.

Well, the short answer to this question is that sticky weed is sticky because of the high amount of trichomes and resin which the specific weed flower contains. Generally speaking, if you are looking for high quality product that will give you that buzz you are looking for, plus medical properties too, the stickier the weed is, the better off you are.


What Is Sticky Weed?

When weed is sticky, most connoisseurs will refer to it as the “sticky icky”. No, the name does not sound particularly flattering. However, when weed is called the sticky icky, it usually refers to weed that has a lot of resin in the trichomes, or a lot of resin being produced by the trichomes. This resin is what makes the weed so sticky.

You can think of the resin as the essential oil produced by marijuana flowers and their trichomes. The resin of your weed flowers is like the sap you would find in any other plants. Resin from a weed plant is like the maple syrup of a maple tree.

If you have ever had maple syrup, you know that it is sticky and boy does it ever taste good! Now, you are probably wondering if sticky weed is a good thing, or if you are better off smoking something that is drier.

Why Is Sticky Weed Good?

So, usually when you think of something sticky, you associate it with something bad. Yet, when it comes to weed, that sticky icky, it is the top grade and top shelf marijuana.

If you find yourself in possession of some really sticky bud, you are in luck, because that’s the good stuff. This is the best of the best, the kind of weed that any weed enthusiast, pot connoisseur, and stoner wants to find.

There is simply nothing better than that good old sticky icky.

Why Is My Weed So Sticky? – Because It’s Top Grade Stuff

Ok, so we have established that sticky weed is a great thing for anybody looking for big time medical symptom relief, a good head high and much more.

We have also established that sticky weed is sticky because of the large quantity of high quality trichomes present, which then produce a whole lot of that icky sticky resin that contains all of those awesome properties.

Let’s break this down a little bit so you have a better understanding of the weed flowers, the trichomes, the weed resin, and the cannabinoids which are contained within that sappy resin.

sticky weed plant

The Weed Flowers

First off, you have your weed flowers, often referred to as flower, nugs, or buds. It’s what you grow, dry, cure, grind, and then eventually smoke, eat, or extract the oils out of.

The ones you want to have are the buds that grow on the female plant, the buds that are going to have a whole lot of trichomes on them. The nugs can be all sorts of shades of green, they often contain a lot of orange, and they can even be a bright purple too.

When weed flowers of nugs are fully mature, they will be covered in these tiny hairs, almost microscopic in size. They can be hard to see clearly, but if you have really good sticky icky weed, these hairs will look like a lot of white crystals covering the weed flower.

Don’t go for your scissors yet, because these are not the kind of hairs that need a haircut!

The Trichomes

Yeah, we all have glands. In humans, our glands produce a variety of hormones. The glands of the weed plant, on the nugs, are the trichomes, and instead of producing hormones like estrogen or testosterone, they produce resin, the weed plant version of hormones.

To be clear, the trichomes, those white hairs covering your sticky icky, those are the weed plant’s glands. Yes, there are actually 3 different kinds of trichomes on weed plants, but what you are looking for here is the capitate stalked trichomes, which are the largest, and under a microscope, look like little mushrooms (we have covered a buyers guide on the best microscopes for trichomes, you can check it out here).

These capitate stalked trichomes are the ones which produce the most and best resin. They might look like hairs or so called crystals from afar, but upon closer inspection, you will notice that they look like mushrooms with long stems and tiny heads.

The more of these you have on your flower, the more resin they will produce, and the stronger and stickier your marijuana will be.

The Resin

So what you should know now is that your marijuana flowers produce trichomes, which then in turn produce resin, and this resin is where all of the good stuff that you are looking for is contained.

If you have ever seen weed flowers with lots of resin before, you know that this resin is very sticky. It can be translucent in color, white, cloudy white, orange, and even reddish-brown.

This does depend on the lifecycle of the cannabis plant in question and where in the growth stage it is. Generally speaking, the more mature the cannabis plant and the flowers are, the darker, stickier, and gooier that resin gets.

This resin is what makes a lot of weed really sticky, it’s what gives it its really potent smell and flavor, and the makeup of the resin will then decide the amount and type of cannabinoids contained within.

You might be thinking that we are overplaying the importance of resin. Heck, it seems like we are making it sound better than sex. Well, to a stoner, somebody looking for medical relief, and anybody who just wants some strong sticky icky, a whole lot of good resin might in fact be better than sex.

Yeah, it’s that good, and the reason for this is due to the cannabinoids contained in the resin, the active ingredients which have a host of medical benefits and give you that strong head and/or body high you love so much.

The Cannabinoids

The reason why having a large quantity of marijuana resin your flower is a big deal, is because of the chemicals or compounds contained within it, the cannabinoids.

These are the active ingredients which have medical symptom relief, they get you high, they give you that body buzz, and yes, sometimes they give you the munchies too.

There are 4 main cannabinoids contained in weed resin, with 2 of them being the really important ones. So, what are the important cannabinoids contained in the resin?

  1. CBD
  2. THC
  3. CBN
  4. CBG

These 4 cannabinoids are only found in the resin produced by the trichomes which grow on the weed flowers. So, if your flower only has a limited amount of trichomes, it also means that it produces a limited amount of resin.

This would then mean that the marijuana buds you have also have a limited amount of CBD, THC, CBG, and CBN. It all has to do with potency.

In other words, the more resin your weed has, the more of these active compounds, the good stuff, your flower will contain. The more the better.

Sticky Weed or Dry Weed

sticky vs dry weed

One thing which seems to confuse many people is the difference between dry weed and sticky weed. Amateurs will often think that sticky weed is sticky because it has not been dried or cured well. Sure, the drying and curing process is important.

However, you can dry and cure sticky icky weed as much as you want, and it will always feel sticky to the touch, not dry. This does not mean that the marijuana flower has not been dried right, but that it contains a whole lot of resin, and therefore a lot of cannabinoids, which is what you are looking for.

So, if you want the strongest and most potent high, that awesome head high, and those big time medical benefits, it is the stickiest of weed that you want to grow for.

Now, weed that feels dry and crumbly to the touch will probably still get you high and provide you with medical benefits, but just not quite as much as with weed that is righteously sticky.


What is great about sticky weed is that it contains a very high level of those awesome cannabinoids.

Therefore, the sticky weed requires you to smoke, eat, or vape a lot less of it in order to get high and reap the benefits.

You might have to smoke a full gram of really dry weed in order to get super high, but maybe only half that much of the sticky icky stuff.


The bottom line is that the sticky icky weed is the highest quality stuff you can get. Generally speaking, the stickier the weed, the more potent and stronger it is, and the better the high and the benefits will be (here are the 9 things to look at to measure quality).

Yeah, dry weed still usually has a good deal of cannabinoids, but just not as much as the sticky stuff.



Yeah, the sticky icky stuff, due to being so strong, potent, and of such a high quality, is going to cost a lot more than comparatively dry and crumbly weed.

It’s just the way it is, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for. For example, a quarter ounce of dry and crumbly weed might go for somewhere around $55 to $70.

However, for really sticky and strong weed, a quarter ounce, which is 7 grams by the way, may cost a good deal more than that, maybe up to $100 or more.

Or to put in other words, for that same $70 you spent to buy a quarter ounce of the dry stuff, you might only be able to purchase an eighth of an ounce, or a little more, of the sticky icky.

It might seem like a big price difference, which it is, but the extra quality you get for spending some extra money is well worth the investment.

Your Goal

When you are buying weed, and deciding between the dry stuff and the sticky icky pot, you do want to consider what your goals are. If you don’t want to have to keep buying more weed over and over again, and you want to limit your trips to the dispensary, you probably want to go for some dry weed, as it is cheaper and will last much longer.

On that same note, if you are on a limited budget, this could be another reason why you want to go for a larger quantity of the dry stuff. Moreover, if you are having a lot of friends over for a pot party, buying the sticky icky might not be the best idea because it just won’t last all that long.

However, if you are by yourself, or just with a couple friends, the sticky icky is probably the better choice. If you are looking for the best high with the strongest effects, and you have a bit of cash to spend, the sticky icky weed is what you want to go for.

The best medical symptom relief comes from the stickiest of buds.


There we are folks, everything you need to know about the sticky icky ganja. The bottom line is that if you want the strongest high, the best effects, and the ultimate in medical relief, the stickiest of the sticky weed is what you want to go for. Yeah, it might be a bit of a pain to grind up and work with, and it does stick to everything, plus it costs quite a bit more than the dry stuff, but the fact of the matter remains the same. The stickier the weed, the better it is.


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