Why Your Weed Smells Like Lemon: 4 Reasons

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If you’ve ever bought some weed and it smells like lemons, you might be wondering why this is the case.

The main reason why your weed smells like lemon is because of the flavor profile, which is caused specifically by the terpenes. There are also other reasons, including how both marijuana has been stored and treated.

why your weed smells like lemon

Weed That Smells Like Lemon? Here’s Why

There are a few main reasons why your weed might smell like lemon, so let’s take a quick look.

1. The Strain & The Terpenes

OK, so generally speaking, the main reason why your weed is going to smell like lemon is due to the specific strain.

Moreover, this has to do with the terpenes that marijuana contains. In case you don’t know what a terpene is, this is essentially what is known as an essential oil, which are present in a variety of plants, and even sometimes in animals.

The terpenes that your weed has will determine what flavor, color, and smell it has.

For instance, one of the main terpenes that will make your weed smell like lemon is known as limonene. There are also other terpenes that may smell like lemon or citrus.

2. It’s A Sativa

Speaking of terpenes, as you might know, there are two main types of marijuana. These include indica strains and sativa strains.

Now, in relation to those terpenes, if we are talking about weed that smells like lemon or citrus, it is usually going to be the sativa strains that smell like this.

Sativa strains very often contain the limonene terpene that results in a lemon-like smell. Yes, there are also some indica strains that may smell like lemon, but it is far less common.

Citrus smelling weed is often associated with sativa.

3. It Was Kept With Lemons

Another reason is quite simply because it was kept with lemons or some kind of citrus peels.

Many people who store somewhat sizable amounts of marijuana for prolonged periods of time will often keep it along with something like a citrus peel.

This is simply due to the fact that it will infuse a citrus scent into the marijuana, and some people like that. However, another reason for it is that the citrus will slowly release its moisture into the marijuana, therefore keeping the marijuana moist.

Keeping weed from drying out is of course one of the main things you need to do when storing it for the long term.

4. It’s Been Treated with A Lemon Scented Chemical

Another reason is that some shifty person has decided to treat it with chemicals to alter its scent.

There are special drops out there that you can put on marijuana to alter its scent and flavor.

Yes, these tend to be relatively harmless, but they still don’t represent what the actual weed is like.

Moreover, if we’re talking about street dealers, some even use things like lemon-scented Windex and Pine-Sol to flavor their weeds to make it smell better and more attractive to potential customers.

Of course, weed that has been treated with these chemicals is not healthy to smoke in the lease. That said, if there’s Pine-Sol on your week, and you are somewhat experienced, you should be able to tell the difference.

Lemon Smelling Strains Of Weed

lemon smelling strains of weed

We now want to take a look at some of the top strains of weed out there that smell like lemon. There are actually quite a few.

1. Limoncello

Limoncello, otherwise known as lemoncello 28, is a hybrid strain of marijuana that has a potency ranging from 14% to 18% THC.

It has a very intense yet delightful flavor profile that many people describe as a combination of sweet cherries and sour lemon with earthy overtones.

This is actually the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009. This is a mix between the lemonade and the cherry pie strains of marijuana.

This strain of marijuana is said to be perfect for relaxing after a long day of work, and it has the ability to relieve mild to moderate nausea, headaches, and other pains.

2. Lemon Tree

Another very popular strain of marijuana that smells like lemon is known as lemon tree, which is a mix between two different strains of sativa and indica hybrids known as sour diesel and lemon skunk.

This marijuana has both a sweet and sour scent, mainly fresh lemon with diesel undertones.

This is a very high THC strain that is known for producing a very strong head high, yet also a clear headed high. It’s also known for providing very relaxing, soothing, and relieving effects.

It has well over 20% THC. In fact, this strain is known as being one of the strongest lemon smelling strains out there.

3. Lemon Haze

Here we have a sativa dominant strain of weed known for its high levels of THC, averaging up to 25% THC.

For this reason, it makes for a good relief from pain, depression, and more. It starts out as a strong head high and slowly transitions to a strong body high.

People often get couch locked after having smoked lemon haze. This is a hybrid strain made from lemon skunk and silver haze.

It has a very strong lemony scent combined with bright green buds and dark red hairs. It also features both herbal and spicy undertones.

4. Lemon Cake

Lemon cake is yet another strain of marijuana that has a very strong lemony smell. This is an extremely powerful sativa dominant hybrid strain of marijuana that is made by combining lemon skunk and cheese.

Therefore, although it does have very strong lemony and citrus aromas, it also has musky cheese undertone.

This is a fairly strong strain and can have up to 25% THC. It does however feature a good mix of relaxation and creativity when smoked.

Most people would recommend consuming this strain to combat physical discomfort, loss of appetite, and stress.

5. Lemon OG

Lemon OG is also known as lemon OG Kush or presidential Kush, and it is often considered to be one of the best lemon like weed strains out there.

This is a very skunky smelling strain of indica, with THC levels ranging from 17% to 24%.

This strain is created by mixing Las Vegas lemon skunk with OG number 18. It has very fast acting psychoactive effects combined with a very sleepy sensation.

Most people recommend consuming this strain after a long day of work as it is perfect for allowing for a bit of relaxation.

Most people say that it has sensitive effects and is also perfect for getting a good night sleep.

6. Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush is made by mixing lemon joy and master Kush. Lemon Kush is a very sweet lemony strain that has an earthy coach undertone combined with a flavor profile.

Lemon Kush has an extremely high limonene terpene content as well as high THC levels, often well over 20%.

People say that this type of marijuana has very creative and uplifting effects, and is fantastic for stress relief.

7. Lemon Skunk

Lemon skunk is created by mixing two other strains of skunk that both have very strong lemon scents and flavors.

This is actually an award winning hybrid that has THC as high as 22%. In 2009, it was in the High Times top ten strains list.

This strain has a very strong citrusy flavor combined with the skunky undertone. When smoked, it produces a very energetic feeling that can make you feel uplifted and happy, and it also allows for a great deal of creativity.

However, it also has sedative body effects that help alleviate a variety of pains, both physical and mental.

8. Lemon Diesel

If you’re looking for a really strong smelling strain of weed that has a very heavy replumbing smell, lemon diesel is a great way to go.

This is a strain that will provide you with an instant body high right from the first hit. Lost Coast OG and California sour are combined to make this amazing strain, which allowed it to win a spot in the top ten at the 2010 Emerald Cup.

People say that it has a very relaxing effect that still allows you to be coherent and focused. Although it has a very powerful taste, it is somewhat mellow, coming in at around 16% THC.

The really sweet, fruity, and lemony flavor is something that many people enjoy.



You should now know exactly why your weed smells like lemon, as well as what the best lemon smelling weed strains out there are.


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